Recreation Association of Hampden (RAH)



The purpose of RAH is to provide youth sports programs and activities which foster participation, skill development, teamwork, and fun for the youth of Hampden. Meetings are held at the Town Hall.

Officers & Board

The officers for 2015 are:

  • Kate Rumplik, President
  • Derrick Biermann, Vice Pres.
  • Heather Turcotte, Treasurer
  • Tracy Biermann, Clerk
  • Scott Rumplik  
    Sage Dow
    Deb Frangie

Great Links!! The RAH Board encourages all parents to participate in their children's athletic decisions. Please visit www.sportsparents.com (hosted by Sports Illustrated) for some excellent insights and articles!!



Hampden Team Photos

Email us at rah@hampden.org with your comments!!

RAH Bylaws