Zoning Board Of Appeals


Board of Appeals renders decisions on Appeals, Special Permits and Variances. An applicant pays a fee and submits an application stating his conflict with the local Zoning Laws. A hearing is set up and in conformance with the Zoning Act - (MGL. Ch.40A); this action often comes about when denied a building permit by the Building Inspector. A Zoning Hearing Board has little discretion, as its actions are circumscribed by the Town’s Zoning Code. The Board must take into consideration the health, safety, morals and welfare of the community in making its decision.



Meeting Dates
By petition only
4th Tuesday of the month
(apply to Town Clerk)
L. Jed Berliner, Chair
Richard Patullo
Cheryl Cudnik
Duane Mosier
Mark Barba
Associate Members: 
Fred Lesniak, Ed Loiko
Joanne Fiore, Adm. Asst.