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General Bylaws of Hampden  (as of April 25, 2016)
Zoning Bylaws of Hampden    (as of October 24, 2016)

Town Meeting Warrants (W) and Minutes (ATM or STM)
2018    ATM   (W)             Mar STM (W)
2017    ATM   (W)             Nov STM (W)       May STM (W)
2016    ATM   (W)             Oct STM  (W)
2015    ATM   (W)             Oct STM  (W)
2014    ATM   (W)             Oct STM  (W)
2013    ATM   (W)             Oct STM  (W)
2012    ATM   (W)             Oct STM  (W)
2011    ATM   (W)             Apr STM   (W)      Oct STM
2010    ATM   (W)             Oct STM   (W)
2009    ATM   (W)             Apr STM   (W)      Oct STM   (W)    Nov STM   (W)
2008    ATM   (W)             Apr STM   (W)      Oct STM   (W)
2007    ATM                       Nov STM              Dec STM
2006    ATM                       Apr STM               Oct STM
2005    ATM                       Nov STM
2004    ATM                       Oct STM
2003    ATM                       Apr STM               Oct STM
2002    ATM                       Mar STM              Apr STM             Oct STM



Office Hours:
Monday-Thursday 9:00am - 3:00pm

Phone: 413-566-2151 x103
Fax:      413-566-3513

Eva Wiseman, Town Clerk
Elaine Kingsbury, Asst. Town Clerk

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