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The Hampden Police Department is located within the town hall of Hampden, Massachusetts. Currently, the department consists of six full time officers, three sergeants, and the Chief of Police. A full time police officer vacancy currently exists right now due to financial constraints in the town. The department also consists of administrative personnel, four full time dispatchers, several reserve dispatchers and reserve officers.

The Town of Hampden is a rural community with a population of approximately 5100. The western portion of Hampden is a mixture of suburban neighborhoods and businesses, while the eastern portion of town consists of rural roads and rolling hills.

The Hampden Police Department prides itself as serving its residents through community policing efforts. Officers work with residents in the community to prevent crime through many programs. Officers of our department are present in the schools, the senior center, and throughout the community so that they can create working relationships with residents and businesses.



Email: admin@hampdenpolice.com

Jeff Farnsworth, Chief
Michael Cooney, Sergeant
Tawrin Seega, Sergeant
Tom Yvon, Sergeant
Kathy Zanetti, Asst to Chief

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