Advisory Board FAQ

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Q. What is the Public Hearing?
A. According to the Town’s bylaws, the Advisory Committee must hold a Public Hearing at least seven days before a Town Meeting to review all articles that will be presented at that Meeting. This provides a forum for the Advisory Committee to get input from the citizens regarding each item prior to its formal recommendations at Town Meeting.

Q. What are the “green sheets” that get mailed to each household?
A. The “green sheets” are the report and recommendation sent out by the Advisory Committee prior to Town Meeting to inform citizens of the proposed budget and the Warrant Articles for consideration at the Meeting.

Q. What is the Reserve Fund?
A. The Reserve Fund is an account established at Town Meeting that is controlled by the Advisory Committee. The Advisory Committee votes to transfer funds from the account for extraordinary or unforeseen expenses that are not supported within the budget.




Doug Boyd, Co Chair
Carol Fitzgerald, Co Chair
Matt Fisher
Heather Turcotte
Alan Fritts
Cindi Connors, Administrative Assistant