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Town of Hampden

Regular Meeting of Planning Board

7:00PM at the Hampden Town Hall

February 9, 2005

 Approved Feb. 23, 2005


Members in Attendance: John D. Flynn, Chair, Joseph “Charlie” Dolben, Melissa  Reeves, Robert Majkut, Joseph Kruzel    Associate Member: Anthony Bongiorni

Meeting Opened 7:00


Minutes- The minutes from December 15, 2004 and January 4, 2005 were approved as written. The minutes from January 26, 2005 were approved with the addition of the words the purposed plans and all construction should be in conformance with all zoning regulations.

Grand Prix of America Inc. Map 11- Block 35- Lot 1 East Longmeadow Road – Jackie and George Sarkis, 68 Senecal Place, East Longmeadow, were directed by Mark Feeney, Building Inspector to come before the Board with questions about the property on East Longmeadow Road. They are looking into buying the property for a horse farm. The farm would be used for riding lessons, boarding horses, etc. The farm would have maybe five employees and about forty horses at the most. John Flynn explained this parcel has come before the Town in the past as a suggested PURD and it was approved for that use. Sarkis was wondering if it was possible to run a business on this property. Flynn explained this use may fall under the State M.G.L. 40 Section 3 use for agriculture. This would supersede the Town Bylaws. Flynn would call the State and look into this. If it does not fall under this heading Sarkis would have to apply for a Home Occupation through the Planning Board. Flynn will e-mail Sarkis when he receives and answer from the State.  

Shadow Wood – Charlie Dolben explained Shadow Wood is in the process of going to the Conservation Commission for an appointment. They will need an extension by March 19, 2005.

Lantern Lane - Flynn explained to the Board this issue is back to the State. Everyone is waiting.

Scantic Meadows – The plans for Scantic Meadows have been approved by the Board with the condition if anything changes with the roads or the storm water it must come back to the Planning Board for further review. Flynn explained to the Board Mike Doyle approached him before the meeting asking if the Board had reviewed his letter from the Bayberry Estates Residents? Flynn told the Board they had received the letter at the last meeting and to look at it for review. The letter has details of the discrepancies between the proposed design for the installation of the storm chambers and the manufacturer’s specifications will be forwarded to the Town’s engineer for review. The Bayberry Estates Residents have filed a formal appeal with the Department of Environmental Protection at the local level. If it is approved at this level it will go on to the State level. The Board has decided they would wait and see what happens with the DEP. Dan O’Brien has not delivered the plans to the Planning Board. Melissa Reeves will check on it.  

Sidewalk Committee – no update

Meeting Dates – March 23, 2005 Public Hearing for Warrant Articles

                             February 23, 2005 Melissa Reeves will be out

                             March 9, 2005 Robert Majkut will be out


John is putting the Board on notice Anthony Bongiorni will be impaneled for the Public Hearing on March 9, 2005.

Mary Lyon – The Board looked over the proposed plans. They feel Mary Lyon should go before the Zoning Board of Appeals.


Meeting adjourned 8:02


Submitted by Jane M. Budynkiewicz, Clerk