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Town of Hampden

Regular Meeting of Planning Board

7:00PM at the Hampden Town Hall

January 26, 2005

 Approved Feb. 9, 2005


Members in Attendance: John D. Flynn, Chair, Joseph “Charlie” Dolben, Melissa  Reeves, Associate Member: Anthony Bongiorni

Members Absent: Robert Majkut, Joseph Kruzel

Meeting Opened 7:05

Bill for Clerical presented - $679.20 leaving $3400.60 in account. The bill was approved.

Minutes- The minutes from January 12, 2005 were approved with clarification: adding, this to be consistent with the Home Occupation Bylaw

Mary Lyons Nursing Home- James Martin, Steve Leven and Jim Podeski came before the Board for information on an expansion of Mary Lyons Nursing Home, 34 Main Street. John Flynn explained to the three gentlemen last time someone came to the Board on an expansion issue there was going to be a problem with coverage. In the business district the building may not exceed 30% of the property. Looking at the plan it appears to be in compliance with the Bylaw. The plan is to take down the old bank building. The project has already received a Determination of Need from the State. The building would be going from 27,486 sq. ft. to 44,332 sq. ft. Flynn asked why not go up instead of out. Leven explained the facility would end up bankrupt because it would have to shut down during renovations. The State has allowed the site to become a Public Water Source. They project would also included putting a single well in for The Village Food Mart and the Nursing Home to share. Tighe and Bond is working on this project. Flynn explained Tighe and Bond are very knowledgeable with the Town’s Bylaws and should be a great asset to this project. Under the current Bylaw the project must show fifty four (54) parking spaces. The plan shows more than enough spaces for parking. The Home will go from three units down to two units. The existing building is out farther than the new addition so that should be no problem. 

The Board suggested when they come back for a public hearing the purposed plan should  be in conformance with all zoning regulations, staking of the parking at the drop off area, the increase of the paved surface and where the runoff will go, investigate the Flood Way Regulations and the 100 year storm.

Martin, Leven and Podeski went to the Conservation Commission to file a Notice of Intent. They also met with Conservation at an informal meeting.

The project will be filed with the Town Clerk for a Special Permit Hearing. The date set was for February 23, 2005. The Board was thanked for their help.

Ted King- Ted King, 88 Ames Road came before the Board for information about zoning on his property. This piece of property goes from Ames Roads throught to North Monson Road. He would like to take a piece off to build a home on the North Monson Road side of the property. On North Monson Road where this property is located, it is Business Zoned and not allowed to build a residence on it. Flynn told King he has two choices. One, he could have a six hundred foot driveway or he could try and re-zone. King would like to try and re-zone.  John Flynn talked to the Selectmen informally. The Selectmen suggested King bring a descriptive owner petition for a warrant article with ten at least signatures. The Selectmen would need this paper by the end of January. Flynn suggested King speak to someone that can come up with a land description. King told the Board he has spoken with Gary Weiner, Ecotec Environmental already. Dolben suggested using the deed wordage for the description. King said he would bring the deed to Weiner. Flynn said the names must be registered residents. The Selectmen are aware this is coming. King thanked the Board for their help.

Shadow Wood Update- Dolben explained this project is waiting to go before Conservation Commission.

Lantern Lane- The Board received a request from Mark Mason, Esq. for an extension on the Lantern Lane project. The Board voted to grant a six months extension. 


Scantic Meadows- Melissa Reeves reported to the Board Dan O’Brien should be dropping off a new plan. This plan has already gone to Tighe and Bond. Harvey Smith approached Flynn to let him know there has been an appeal filed with the DEP. The question seems to be who will do the maintenance on the drainage.

Sidewalk Committee – Dan Sheehan, 34 Glendale View Drive is interested in being on the committee.

Planning Board Report – The Board agreed the report Dolben came up with was the one that should be submitted.

Connie Witt - Connie Witt, Main Street contacted the Clerk asking for a member of the Planning Board to join the Open Space Task Force. The Board would like to know a little bit more about the committee before someone signs on.



Meeting adjourned 8:25


Submitted by Jane M. Budynkiewicz, Clerk