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Town of Hampden

Regular Meeting of Planning Board

7:00PM at the Hampden Town Hall

January 12, 2005


Members in Attendance: John D. Flynn, Chair, Joseph “Charlie” Dolben, Robert Majkut, Melissa Reeves, Joseph Kruzel, Associate Member: Anthony Bongiorni

Meeting Opened 7:05

Patricia Alfaroni – Patricia and Salvatore Alfaroni, 88 Raymond Drive, came before the Board wanting to open a home occupation. Mr. Alfaroni explained they wanted to open a hair salon with waxing. The salon will be by appointment only having only one or two customers on site at one time. Mr. Alfaroni also explained the back bedroom would be converted into the salon. It will have its own entrance. Mrs. Alfaroni said she would like to make it wheel chair accessible with a ramp and sidewalk around the house to the entrance of the salon. The salon will be able to be closed off from the house when needed. Mrs. Alfaroni will be the only employee.

The driveway is now a two car driveway. It should be widened to accommodate a few more cars. John Flynn told the Alfaroni’s they have to check into the driveway regulations before they touch the driveway. Robert Majkut asked how close the driveway is from the lot line. The driveway is about twenty five to thirty feet from the lot line. There is room to increase the size of the drive.

Flynn explained they must go to the Board of Health to get the regulations from the state. The State controls how to dispose of the waste products, having a separate entrance, along with other regulations. Joseph Kruzel explained any construction that is to be done has to be approved by the Building Department. Mrs. Alfaroni had a question about signage. Flynn explained the sign must not be bigger than two hundred eighty eight inches. The Bylaws on-line explain what signage is allowed for a home occupation.

The Board voted and approved unanimously five to zero, this was consistent with the Home Occupation Bylaw.

Kim Haight – Kim Haight, 79 Stony Hill Road, came before the Board for information about a home occupation. Haight owns a framing business in Enfield and would like to move the operation into her home. In the home Haight owns, she has two spare bedrooms she is not using and will use one for the framing and the other for an office. She will be the only employee. For advertising she would like to put out a small sign, and do a mailing to her current customers. Her driveway is big enough to accommodate several cars.

Flynn read her the Bylaw for a home occupation. The Board explained they see no problem with the home occupation passing but Haight needs to come back to the Board with a plot plan with the sign drawn in.

If Haight is coming back to get approved before the Board she should call and make an appointment.


Russ Morton- Russ Morton, 12 Genevieve Drive came back to the Board with an ANR. Morton was asked to fix the plan at the previous meeting. The same numbers were used again and it had to be fixed. The Board reviewed the plan and found it just as they had asked for. 

The Board voted and approved unanimously five to zero to sign the ANR. 

Morton also gave the Board the wording for a PURD on Mountain Road. He had a copy for the Selectmen and one for the Board. Gary Weiner, Ecotec Environmental, 180 Denslow Road, East Longmeadow is not doing the work for the PURD. Morton has another firm to working on it. Morton will come back to the Board at the next meeting with more detailed plans.

The Board voted unanimously to give favorable action for the PURD on Mountain Road at the Town Meeting.

John Masuck and Michael Cimmino – Michael Cimmino, 111 Scantic Road and John Masuck, Ecotec Environmental, 180 Denslow Road, East Longmeadow came to discuss the PURD for Stony Hill Road. Attending the meeting for this PURD was Evelyn Whyte, 4 South Wood Circle, Jacquelyn Weaver, 5 South Wood Circle, Kenneth McWhorter, 6 South Wood Circle, and Leonard Gorman, 7 South Wood Circle. Masuck gave a description over the property having approximately thirty one acres. There are some wetlands on the property but as of January 12, 2005 it had not been delineated. There is a big pine grove on the property that Michael Cimmino would like to see left undisturbed. The presentation was showing the purposed footprint of the PURD. The two car garages would be on the outside and it would be living space to living space as it stands now. There will be two choices for an exterior look. The interior will have two bedrooms and possibly a den area. At the present time Cimmino is looking at building twenty eight units, but there is room enough for thirty eight units. The road length will be twenty one hundred feet. Flynn asked about snow removal. Masuck replied they are not ready to answer that question at this time. The plan showed a community room and open space.

Joseph Dolben asked where the septic systems would be put, if they would be put in the buffer zone and if they would be shared. Masuck answered they would be shared at this point in time and they would be put in the buffer zone. There was discussion on an emergency access road. There are many options for this road, one being through the old Camp Sun and Fun entrance. The price at this point looks to be somewhere in the two hundred thousand dollar range. The wells are still being talked over, combined or individual. Leonard Gorman had a question on how many units there would be. The plan is for twenty eight units. Two units make up one building. Whyte, Weaver, Gorman and McWhorter all felt the presentation was wonderful and liked the look of this PURD.

The Board voted and unanimously five to zero agreed to give favorable action for this PURD for Town Meeting.  

Ladder Sign – The Board discussed adding a commercial ladder sign to the Bylaw, the purpose of which is to permit and regulate a ladder sign in a commercial district. The wording for the purposed new bylaw is as follows: In the Commercial District, a single “ladder” sign shall be permitted at the entrance to the district, the purpose of which shall be to list the businesses occupying the space in the Commercial District. Each sign shall not exceed eighteen inches (18”) in length and six inches (6”) in height. Each sign shall be white background with black lettering.

The Board voted and approved unanimously the Warrant article to go to the Selectmen.

PURD Change - The Board discussed where or not to make changes to the PURD. It was decided this was not the year to change the PURD with two going to Town Meeting.

Storm Water Bylaw Change – The changes to Storm Water Bylaws are still up in the air. Kruzel was not sure if the changes would be ready on time for the Town Meeting.

Section 7.2.4 Change - Dolben had a change for Section 7.2.4. Within Section 7.2.4, insert after “There shall be a minimum 100 foot setback from any property line.” The following: “There shall be no more than two (2) substandard frontage lots created within any 320 feet of frontage on any way.” Add the following Section The impact of creating more than one substandard frontage lots on adjoining land in separate ownership.

The Board voted and approved unanimously to the Warrant article to go the Selectmen.

Sidewalk Committee Update - Nothing to report

9 Commercial Drive – D. J. Henry, 9 Commercial Drive has a possible tenant that came to the Board about a permit for a business at the last meeting. The Board feels the Building Inspector should keep an eye on what is going on at this property. Henry has a permit for extra cars. For more businesses he must have another permit.

Commonwealth Capital- The Commonwealth Capital form came back from the Selectmen but was too late for this year. Majkut will try and file anyway.

Shadow Wood – The new Conservation Commission is not to sure what this project is all about. They must review before the project comes before them.

Scantic Meadows- Flynn went to the Conservation Commission meeting. The next move for Scantic Meadows is to come before the Planning Board. Flynn asked the clerk to get in touch with Cindy Connors for the minutes of their last meeting.

Ridgeline and Hillside – Flynn was looking over the Bylaws for Ridgeline and Hillside and discovered the Committee is supposed to be composed of five members not seven. The Planning Board re-nominated John Flynn, Richard DeSanti, Candice Keddy, Richard Patullo and Robin Warner. Jim Moriarty was not a constant at attending meetings and Tom Poulin had a stroke. Flynn said he would hold the position on the Committee until Poulin was ready to come back.

The Board voted unanimously five to zero to appoint the above five members for the Ridgeline and Hillside Committee


Meeting adjourned at 9:11


Submitted by Jane M. Budynkiewicz, Clerk