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Town of Hampden

Special Meeting of Planning Board

7:00PM at the Hampden Town Hall

January 4, 2005


Members in Attendance: John D. Flynn, Chair, Joseph “Charlie” Dolben, Robert Majkut

Members Absent: Melissa Reeves, Joseph Kruzel

Meeting Opened 7:05


Thom and Erica Dwyer – The Dwyers, 487 Glendale Road, came to the Board with an information packet. The request was for a farm business or a home occupation permit. The Dwyer’s explained the own six point seven one acres. They need at least five acres for a farm business use. John Flynn stated Chapter 40A, Section 3 governs education, agriculture and religion. Flynn explained he talked to Jane Ceniswaso with the State. Ceniswaso and Flynn looked over the Dwyer’s website for information. Flynn was told to look under the General Laws of Massachusetts Chapter 40A Section 3. The alpaca farm is covered under this zoning. At least fifty percent of the produces must be made on the premises. The Dwyers meet that stipulation. Bob Majkut asked where the soap and candles are made. Mrs. Dwyer stated she makes them herself.     

The parking and signage is under the Planning Board jurisdiction, and the Dwyers assured the Board there is ample parking. The sandwich boards at the corner of Glendale Road and at Gary’s market must remain down, the Board explained. They are not allowed by the Town’s Bylaws. Erica Dwyer asked if a flag may be put out when they are open and Flynn replied yes, as long as it is on their property. There was a question about visibility with the driveway. The Dwyers explained, people are asked to pull out not back out and there is no problem.

The Dwyers were found to not be in any violation of State or Town Bylaws. The Dwyers were told they should see the Town Clerk for a Business Certificate. The Board thanked the Dwyers for coming and being so well prepared.

Associate Member – The Board moved upstairs to the Selectmen’s room to discuss and vote on an Associate Member. The Board of Selectmen asked about the alpaca farm and the outcome of the meeting with the Planning Board. The Planning Board explained the farm is in no violation of State or Zoning Bylaws for the Town of Hampden.

The Planning Board explained to the Board of Selectmen that an Associate member is needed for Special Permit meetings. All the members of the Planning Board are professional people and there are times some meetings are missed by some members. An Associate member would help fill in for an emergency in a Special Permit situation. The Board explained there were three candidates for the Associate Member position. Each person was brought before the Board and asked the same questions. All the Board members agreed on one candidate. The Selectmen wanted the name. Anthony Bongiorni was the name the Board agreed on. Bongiorni did his homework and came in very prepared. It would be an appointment to fill the term until June 30, 2005 at which time the Planning Board would go back to the Selectmen for an appointment for a year. Both Boards voted unanimously to appoint Anthony Bongiorni as the Associate Member of the Planning Board.

The Selectmen asked if there would be any Warrant Articles from the Planning Board. Flynn replied there will be probably two PURDS, maybe a Storm Water bylaw change, change to the PURD Bylaw; lowering the space per lot and allowing more space for the open space, and maybe changing the estate lots and tightening up on those.

After the Selectmens meeting the Planning Board moved back downstairs to continue the meeting. Robert Majkut had to leave at 7:40. This left the Board without a quorum. Anything that was discussed after this point there was no action taken or nothing was voted on.      

Russ Morton – Russ Morton, 12 Genevieve Drive, brought back his ANR plan and a cover letter for the South Ridge property. Flynn explained the Board was down to two members and may not sign anything or vote on anything. Flynn apologized and asked Morton to come back with the plan on January 12, 2005 at 7:15. Flynn did advise Morton he should go to the Conservation Commission for flagging of the PURD property.

John Malinski – John Malinski, 2 Perennial Lane, came to the Board requesting information on opening a business on Commercial Drive in a building that already houses a business. Malinski wants to get everything in order before he decides to rent the space. The building Malinski is looking at belongs to Dave Henry, 9 Commercial Drive, and it is a used car business. Henry put an addition on the building and now would like to rent out a space in the building. Malinski would like to rent this space and open a countertop business out in this space. Flynn and Joseph Dolben suggested Malinski tell Henry to come before the Board. There a few question to go over. A Special Permit will be required. The Board should review the floor plan. The driveway should be looked at also. Henry has a permit for one driveway not two. Malinski explained Henry add three units to the building. One is being occupied by Henry the other two are rental spaces. Flynn and Dolben agreed the use on the building has changed and would like Henry to come to meet with the Board. Malinski thank the Board for the information.


Meeting adjourned at 8:25


Submitted by Jane M. Budynkiewicz, Clerk