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Town of Hampden

Planning Board Public Hearings

7:00PM at the Hampden Town Hall

October 27, 2004

 Approved Nov. 10, 2004


Members in Attendance: John D. Flynn, Chair, Melissa Reeves, Joseph Kruzel, Robert Majkut, Joseph “Charlie” Dolben


Morton Case 2004-K, L, M, N Lots 6D-1, 6D-2, 6D-3 South Ridge Road– Meeting reconvened at 7:00.


John Flynn introduced the Board. Flynn asked Russ Morton to make his presentation. Morton presented plans for a common driveway for lots 6D-1, 6D-2, and 6D-3 with more detail added. The fifty (50) foot radius looked like it had been changed. Sherman and Woods widened the paved surface and softened to make the radius. The swales have also been changed and made wider and the catch basin has been improved according to Morton. The Board had a problem with no numbers being presented on the drawing. There were no drainage calculations on the plan. There were no calculations on the fifty (50) foot radius to show it has been widened. Joseph Kruzel would like Tighe and Bond to review the plan after the calculations are added to make sure the water drainage is not going to be a problem. Winter is a big concern to Kruzel with the drainage when snow melts and refreezes. The calculations were asked to be put on the drawing at the last meeting. Kruzel asked if Morton would like Tighe and Bond to put the calculations on the plan for Morton at the cost to the property owner. Morton felt he already had a relationship with Sherman and Wood and would continue with them and have Sherman and Woods put the changes on the plan. Flynn tried to think of a way to release 6D-1 so the property owner could start the foundation. No one could come up with a solution. The property owner felt they would just come back to the next meeting.

The Board told Morton he needs to put the water flow numbers on the plan to show how much water can be handled by the swales. The numbers need to be written on the plan. The plan also needs the fifty (50) foot marker written on the plan as well.

The Board agreed it would accept Sherman and Wood seal on the plan if the numbers were all present. All agreed the meeting would continue on November 10, Russ will bring the plans coming back with the numbers on them.  

The common driveway Special Permit Hearing 2004-N is still pending and continued until the next meeting which is on November 10, 2004.

Submitted by Jane M. Budynkiewicz, Clerk