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Town of Hampden

Regular Meeting of Planning Board

7:30PM at the Hampden Town Hall

Oct. 27, 2004

 Approved Nov. 10, 2004 


Members in Attendance: John D. Flynn, Chair, Melissa Reeves, Joseph Kruzel, Robert Majkut, Joseph “Charlie” Dolben

Meeting Opened 7:30

MINUTES -Minutes were approved for the Public Hearing for October 13. The minutes for the Regular Meeting were approved with the addition of the Peterson update added.

SHADOW WOOD UPDATE – Joseph “Charlie” Dolben reported he spoke to Gary Weiner, Ecotec Environmental, 180 Denslow Road, East Longmeadow. Dolben let Weiner know that the next meeting is when the request for an extension for Shadow Wood is due.

 SCANTIC MEADOWS UPDATE - The Conservation Commission meeting was continued until December. Melissa Reeves called Tony da Cruz, Tighe and Bond, 324 Grove Street, Worcester regarding plans sent to Tighe and Bond from Bob Caferelli on the drainage system. da Cruz has not received anything yet from Caferelli. The Board will discuss the issue at the next meeting when Tighe and Bond have answers on the plans.

DALE DESMARIAS –Dale Desmarias, 6 Country Club Lane would like to open a small business in his home. It would be a consulting business. Desmarias would like to put up a small sign no bigger than the required two hundred and eighty eight (288) square inches. He would work in his house. And have no employees. There would be no outside storage. Desmarias would be going to the business he serves there would be no added traffic to his residence. The Board found no issues with the business and voted unanimously to approve.  Desmarias thank the Board for their time.

LANTERN LANE UPDATE – The Board received a letter from Atty. Shrair, Cooley, Shrair P.C. regarding Lantern Lane. The Book reference was wrong according to Shrair. He wants it changed and sent back. Flynn asked Dave Martell, Town Counsel to look at it and advise the Board. They will discuss this issue when Martell gets back to them.

ASSOCIATE MEMBERS UPDATE – Questions for the applicants have been drafted by the Board. Flynn asked the Clerk to send each applicant the questions and come before the Board at the next meeting, November 10, 2004.

PVPC UPDATE – Melissa Reeves attended the PVPC meeting October 14, 2004. The topic discussed was the disproportionate amount of monies form the State comes to Western MA. Western MA receives much less money than the Eastern part of the State. PVPC is looking into how to equalize the money a little more. Reeves had charts on the monies that come in per capita. Then Reeves attended a training session after the meeting. The session was on trying to rein in the ANR’s. It also told the new buzz words are Smart Growth and Sustainable Development. The Annual Conference is March 19, 2005. Flynn suggested the Board cancel one of the meetings for March and the Board attend the conference. The issue will be discussed at a later meeting.

9B SOUTH RIDGE ESTATES – Mark Feeney, Building Inspector approached the Board with a question. The lot 9B South Ridge does not meet with the Conservation Commissions standards and the house should be moved up on the lot to get away from wetlands. This presents a problem however. If the house is moved up on the lot it will not meet with the Zoning Bylaws of Hampden. Feeney asked how the Board felt about the applicants going to the Board of Appeals with a request. After looking at the plan the Board felt there was merit in going before the Board of Appeals. The Planning Board looks favorable to the Board of Appeals on this plan to move the house forward on the lot. All where in favor.


Meeting adjourned 8:25

Submitted by Jane M. Budynkiewicz, Clerk