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Town of Hampden

Planning Board Public Hearings

7:00PM at the Hampden Town Hall

October 13, 2004

 Approved October 27, 2004


Members in Attendance: John D. Flynn, Chair, Melissa Reeves, Joseph Kruzel, Robert Majkut

Members Absent: Joseph “Charlie” Dolben

Morton Case 2004-K, L, M, N Lots 6D-1, 6D-2, 6D-3 South Ridge Road– Meeting reconvened at 7:00.

John Flynn introduced the Board. Flynn asked Russ Morton to make his presentation. Morton presented plans for a common driveway for lots 6D-1, 6D-2, and 6D-3 with more detail added. The plan shows a cross section of the driveway. Flynn asked where the cuts in the driveway are made will he be relocating the dirt? Morton replied, yes. Joseph Kruzel asked if most of the soil would be left on site. Morton answered it would be left on site.

Robert Majkut has concerns about the radius on the 6D-2 parcel, meeting the zoning bylaw. Is it fifty foot or better radius? Morton was a little confused by the question and would have to look into it. Flynn suggested pave a little more on the inside edge and soften the corner.

Pat Coyne, 20 South Ridge Road, presented the Board with a Purchase and Sale Agreement signed by himself and Morton stating that the common access drive not to be placed closer than thirty (30) feet to any boundary line of Lot 5D. Flynn stated although the Board probably has no legal say in this matter it would be nice if we could address this issue know so later on down the road it does not hinder any progress made. Flynn suggested trying to work out this point. However the driveway is only common for a short stretch, until they break off into separate driveways. Melissa Reeves suggested maybe starting the driveway higher up the road about ten (10) feet to move farther from the property line. 

After the Board reviewed the plan at length, Kruzel felt it needs a better entrance drawing with the water details. It seems there is no place for the water to be shed but in the road. He also thought the Board should have Tighe and Bond review the final plan when the Board feels all the details are correct.

The two (2) issues that are still unresolved are:

(1.)  Show compliance with the regulations for the fifty (50) foot radius on lot   6D-2.  Draw in the proper radius and continue it until the finished edge of the driveway.

(2.) Show the drainage plan to accommodate the run off of water so it does not go into the road.


The meeting was recessed at 7:55 until October 27, 2004


Submitted by Jane M. Budynkiewicz, Clerk