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Town of Hampden

Regular Meeting of Planning Board

8:00PM at the Hampden Town Hall

Oct. 13, 2004

 Approved Oct. 27, 2004 


Members Present: John D. Flynn, Chair, Melissa Reeves, Joseph Kruzel, Robert Majkut

Member Absent: Joseph “Charlie” Dolben


Meeting was opened at 8:00

Minutes for September 22 Regular and Public Hearing were approved 

ANR FOR SOUTH ROAD - David Smith, North Carolina and 142 South Road Hampden, John Flynn introduced the Board. He asked Smith to explain why he came before the Board. Smith is refinancing and the bank would like a smaller lot to finance and leaving 49± acres that Smith owns. Smith would like to make a three (3) acre lot that has an existing house on it. The three (3) acres meets all the Bylaws.  He had surveyor Adney Russo, 20 Reservoir Street, Palmer, MA divide up the lot. Smith left the Chapter 61-A land alone not putting it in the three acres. Smith is simply moving property lines not adding land from anywhere else. The Board reviewed the plans and signed the ANR. Smith thanked the Board.

SCANTIC MEADOWS- Ed Speight, 78 Melwood Ave., East Longmeadow, Robert Cafarelli, Civil Engineering Associates, 10 Crane Ave., East Longmeadow, and Pete Leveque, Engineer came before the Board to explain the changes in the drainage system for the Scantic Meadow project. Flynn asked if any of the any lot lines were going to be changed. The answer from Speight was no. Cafarelli explained the infiltration drainage structures were the only thing that was going to change. The drainage system would be outside the wetland one hundred (100) foot buffer zone. The new design for the infiltration drainage system would have almost a 100% safety factor. The water can go almost to the top of the system. The silt would go to the bottom and you would still have the sides. It will have a manhole cover on the top. The cover will be a three (3) foot diameter inlet grate. The grate will have very narrow slots so not to hinder bicycles or allow golf balls or rocks to enter the system. The Board felt the plan looked good but would like to have Tony da Cruz from Tighe and Bond review it. Melissa Reeves will call da Cruz and find out how he feels about the plans and report back to the Board.

PURD- Mike Cimmino. 111 Scantic Road came before the Board for an informal meeting to discuss a PURD. The property Cimmino would like to put the PURD on is map 21 lot 40 and map 21 lot 66. Cimmino would like to do the work in stages. There were informal perc test performed on these lots and the soils were fine. Cimmino had questions pertaining to PURDS in Hampden. Do they all need separate wells and septic? Flynn replied that they do. Flynn explained to Cimmino there must be a buffer zone of eighty (80) feet all around and one hundred and fifty (150) feet frontage. One of the lots has a single family home on it and Cimmino would like to leave the home standing and have a right of way on the side. Flynn explained a PURD needs to be approved at town meeting. Cimmino stated he would like to go before the Town Meeting in April. Cimmino would like to go forward and will come back to the Board before April with more formal plans. 

SHADOW WOOD- Flynn reported to the Board approximately half of the bill for Tighe and Bond has been paid.

STORMWATER- Joseph Kruzel reported to the Board PVPC will be coming in to help the Stormwater Committee write Bylaws.

PVPC- PVPC has grant money available for three (3) day tasks. Flynn wondered if the Board could have PVPC come in and work on the Bylaws for PURD. The Board will look into it.

PETERSON RECAP- (Former land of Ernest Lunden)  Flynn contacted Don Schmidt of the DHCD to check on Peterson’s question re: two separate lots, or owned in common.  Schmidt replied that the lots are owned in common, and the separate deed references do not change that status.

Eric Peterson 329 Chapin Road came into the office to check on the status of his request to make the small lot a buildable lot. He was given the response from the state – they are considered one lot.  The clerk had determined that he was not the legal owner of the lot. The lot is registered to a Mr. Parfumi. The clerk was then told Mr. Parfumi was his father-in-law. Mr. Peterson’s wife owns the property. He asked what would happen if he built on it without a permit and he was told it would be against the zoning bylaws. Peterson seemed unhappy with the answers received from the clerk.    

Meeting adjourned 9:00

Submitted by Jane Budynkiewicz, Clerk