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Town of Hampden

Regular Meeting of Planning Board

7:00PM at the Hampden Town Hall
August 11, 2004

Approved Sept. 8, 2004

Present at meeting:  John D. Flynn, Joseph “Charlie” Dolben, Robert Majkut, Melissa Reeves, Joseph Kruzel

Meeting opened 7:00

James Kibbe, 241 Somers Road, Hampden- Kibbe came before the Board for a review of Earth Removal and a Permit for the Gravel Pit. A favorable review is needed to go before the Board of Appeals to obtain this permit. Kibbe presented to the Board this year’s progress on the property. A Land Improvement Report was also presented. The trucks are covered with no known violations. Hours of operation are between eight A.M. and four P.M. Monday through Friday. Monthly inspections have everything in order. The truck activity averages one truck every two days. (based on six months of data). The Board voted and unanimously (5-0) agreed to a favorable review for Kibbe.

Russ Morton, 12 Genevieve Drive, Hampden – Morton was asked to appear before the Board to clarify the plan for the upcoming Special Permit request. Morton is requesting three Estate Lot Special Permits and one Common Driveway Special Permit. The plans for the Special Permits were not clear. They did not show what the remaining land was. Morton brought in a plan that showed the entire lot which could be compared to the new plan with the Estate Lots shown. John Flynn asked if there is a Forestry Plan for these lots. Morton replied no. Flynn told Morton he needs to submit an application for Ridgeline Hillside. Any land over six hundred feet needs an application. The Board was satisfied with the information Morton supplied for his application.  Morton will appear before the Board on September 8, 2004 for the Special Permits.

Alston Graham Lot 2A Ames Road – Heather Stavros, Pioneer Environmental, 25 Granby Street, East Longmeadow, came to the Board with a few questions on the Alston Graham property, Lot 2A Ames Road. Stavros was wondering if this property is part of Ridgeline Hillside. To Stavros it looks like the front part of the property is in Ridgeline Hillside but the house is not. Flynn voiced it would behoove Stavros to get the actual grade at the road. An actual elevation reading is needed. If it is above six hundred feet it falls under Ridgeline Hillside. Stavros was satisfied with that recommendation and would get the elevation reading and go from there.

Michael Raffaele, 45 Hollow Road, Hampden – Raffaele came to the Board looking for recommendations on creating a lot from some of his property. He presented the Board with an old plan of the property. The property is in 61A.  Flynn felt the only issue there might be with the Planning Boards perspective is the access point. Raffaele would need a new drawing with topographical lines showing anything over six hundred feet, showing the building envelope and the driveway plan. Raffaele told the Board the property is already on the Forestry Plan. Raffaele thanked the Board and told them he would be back for a Form A at some point.

Minutes- The minutes from the Regular Meeting on July 28 and the minutes from Rediker 2004 –J Public Hearing, July 28 were reviewed and approved as written.

Russell Cable Notice of Intent - The Notice of Intent for Russell Cable from the Conservation Commission was noted.

Subdivision Update – Shadow Wood- nothing new to report

Subdivision Update - Scantic Meadow – nothing new to report

Sidewalk Committee – Dan Sheehan, 34 Glendale View Drive, Hampden expressed an interest in being on the Committee.

Meeting Adjourned 8:10



Minutes submitted by Jane Budynkiewicz Clerk