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Town of Hampden

Regular Meeting of Planning Board

7:00PM at the Hampden Town Hall
July 28, 2004

Approved August 11, 2004

Present at meeting:  John D. Flynn, Joseph “Charlie” Dolben, Robert Majkut, Melissa Reeves

Absent: Joseph Kruzel

Meeting opened 7:30

Bills for Clerical presented - $679.20 leaving $7,475.80 in account. The bill was approved.

Minutes from July 14 were approved with a typographic error fixed.

Billy Kingston Property, 352 Allen Street- Brent Bertelli, 41 Margaret  Street, Springfield, is looking at the 352 Allen Street property for purchase. It wanted some advice on what steps to take if he bought the property. Bertelli also spoke to the Building Inspector for advice also. The Board told him he would need a Substandard Frontage Special Permit for that piece of property. Bertelli would also have to go in front of other Boards in town.

Assessor’s Certified Abutters List – John Flynn will request to speak to the Assessors at there next meeting to request certified abutters list for applicants for Special Permit. Flynn spoke with Don Schmidt at the state to see if there is an omission on the list for notification of abutters the where the liability falls. It falls on the town. The Board would like the applicants to get a certified list from the Assessors Office.

Special Permit Forms – Flynn talked to Don Schmidt about changing the fees we charge for Special Permits and for ANRs. The Board currently charges $75 for Special Permits and $35 for ANRs. Schmidt told Flynn it is no problem changing the fees it may be done at any public meeting. The Board voted unanimously (4-0) to change the fees to $100 for a Special Permit and $50 for an ANR. 

Lantern Lane – Flynn reported a conversion with Lyman Wood. Wood called Flynn about Lantern Lane. Wood feels the grant request is proceeding as planned. Wood’s question was about the ownership of the property. He told Flynn that the Town of Wilbraham has expressed an interest in being the owner of the land if the grant comes through. It is Flynn’s understanding that the Town of Hampden would take it for open space.

Shadow Wood update – Gary Weiner, Ecotec Environmental, 180 Winslow Road, East Longmeadow, MA gave the Board an update of Shadow Wood. The property has been reflagged and they are going before the Conservation Commission.

Scantic Meadows update - Nothing to report at this time.

Sidewalk Committee – Nothing to report at this time.

Monson Planning Board Hearing – Flynn reported to the Board about the Monson hearing on July 20 to discuss the subdivision on Bradway Road. The Monson Planning Board has requested more information from the applicant on the subdivision.

Brooke Tyler – Weiner reported to the Board about Brooke Tyler, Stafford Road who went before the Board of Appeals. Tyler has 12% grade and 15% grade is allowed. Tyler withdrew his application because he met the new bylaw allowance for his driveway.

Russ Morton- Russ Morton South Ridge Estates, Hampden submitted an application for South Ridge Estates. The Board feels his submission is incomplete. The Board needs to see an overview on an expanded plan. The original plan would be very helpful.

Meeting adjourned at 8:45


Minutes submitted by Jane Budynkiewicz Clerk