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Town of Hampden

Planning Board Public Hearings

7:00PM at the Hampden Town Hall
May 26, 2004

Approved June 30, 2004


Members in Attendance: John D. Flynn, Chair, Melissa Reeves, Joseph “Charlie” Dolben, Joseph Kruzel, Robert Majkut


Cox Case 2004-F and Case 2004-G- John D. Flynn introduced the Board and read the Statement of Authority. The notice that was advertised in The Reminder was read. Kevin Cox, 8 Wilson Street, Wilbraham, MA is the applicant. Cox is looking to create two substandard frontage lots, Section 7.2.4 and both lots containing a minimum of 60 foot frontage. Leaving the original lot with 200 foot frontage.

The Police reported there are no safety concerns with this plan.

The Conservation Commission reported that this property contains wetlands and that the proponent will be required to apply for all necessary State and Town permits. Any and all types of construction or site work on these lots must first be presented to the Conservation Commission for review before the work is started. This property should be verified that it conforms with the bylaw regarding amounts of upland versus wetlands.

A Compliance Chart was not submitted with the application. Flynn verbally went over the Compliance Chart and found the lots were in Compliance. The building envelope was not placed on the plan. Flynn instructed Cox he must make sure it is there when he goes for a building permit.

Lot number 1 is found to be non-conforming due to the pre-existing house being to close to the front. However for ANR endorsement the side setbacks are adequate and there are three acres. The ANR will be signed after the twenty day appeal period from the Town Clerk on Substandard Frontage Lots expires.

Melissa Reeves asked if they would be going for a common drive? Cox said it would be up to the new buyers. The entrance has a slight grade and culvert drain along the road.

Would this property be subject to Ridgeline Hillside? This would be up to Mark Feeney, Building Inspector.

The two substandard frontage non building lot permits were voted on and approved unanimously. (5-0)


Rediker Case 2004-E – The meeting was called to order at 7:30 John D. Flynn, Chair introduced the Board and read the Statement of Authority. The notice that was advertised in The Reminder was read.

Gary Wiener of ECOTEC Environmental made the Rediker presentation. Weiner introduced Dave Sargert, Sergert Design Associates building designer and Steve Roberts, Stephen Roberts Landscape, Landscape designer and Gail Rediker, property owner.

In 1997 Rediker came before the Board with their original plan, now they need an expansion for 100 more employees over a period of time. The old foot print is 4,500 s.f., the new foot print will 12,000 s.f.

Weiner stated the property would need fifty six plus more parking spaces. These will be to the rear of Monson Savings Bank. The driveway would stay the same the new driveway would be in an easement beside the Bank and merge into the Bank driveway.

Weiner reported the septic must be moved and a bigger system installed. The plan was submitted to the Board of Health and Rediker should hear back within a week or two.

The original retention basin was designed bigger than needed for the new addition and parking area. Storm water should be no problem Weiner told the Board.

Down the road, Rediker has a willingness to construct sidewalks to the corner of Main and Somers Road, may be farther. May be with help for other abutters? The sidewalk is not in the plan now but Rediker wants to work with the town and with other boards, Weiner assured the Board.

Sargert told the Board the building met the Zoning Bylaw for height which is Bylaw 7.1 the height of any building shall not exceed thirty-five (35) feet. The height will be thirty-four (34) feet six (6) inches from mean grade. It will be a two and one half story building. All the new finishes will match the existing finishes.

Roberts reported the landscaping will try and keep the site as native and natural as possible. They will clear up the pines at the street and add rhododendrons. There will be a buffer in the parking lot with trees to make it pleasant looking for the customers at Monson Savings Bank. There will be trees on the Steepleview side also to soften the view. There will be a strolling path on the perimeter of the property for the employees of Rediker Software. 

Police reported they see no safety concern related to the existing flow of traffic of Wilbraham Road and what little additional traffic may be caused by said addition.

Flynn asked if Weiner had done a Traffic Impact Study. Weiner requested a verbal waiver based on their review. Also the staggered shift would lessen the traffic at any one given time. The Traffic Impact Study is from Bylaw 7.7 Development and Performance Standards. Peter James manager for Rediker Software explained the stagger shift situation that the people are staggered from 7:30 AM until 6:00 PM though out the day. These employees will be hired over time, not all will be hired tomorrow.

Flynn suggested they may want to entertain the thought of putting a driveway in the back of the church at some time. Weiner told the Board they did meet with the Bank officials about the driveway and they were surprised that the plan of merging into the Bank driveway was in existence. They were not aware that easement was set up. A stop sign was suggested by the bank at the driveway for the bank. A yield sign may help at the Rediker side of the driveway.

Flynn was concerned about the screening in the back it did not look like it complied with the Bylaw 7.10 Landscape Buffer Strip. Weiner said the existing planting are not shown in the drawings but they will conform to the Bylaw and add what they need to, to bring it up to compliance.

The lighting will not be pointed toward any abutters and will be shielded as in the existing parking lot.

Flynn asked what the total coverage of land is now. Weiner said it looks to be about fifty percent.

Dolben asked if the bank was somewhat enthusiastic about this plan. Rediker answered yes. Weiner said the bank sees the long term benefit here.

Karnig Zeroogian- land owner Allen Street across the street, this building is an asset, it is a beautiful building.

Weiner verbally asked for a waiver for the Traffic Impact Study. Reeves is very concerned with the traffic at the intersections and the impact of new employees on that traffic. Weiner suggested they monitor the traffic flow and come back before the Board. Flynn said if there is a problem it behooves you fix it. Weiner reported that time is a major factor; at this time the cost is rising daily. A traffic study would delay the project by approximately three months. The impact of two driveways with the staggered work flow should help with the traffic. Weiner assured the traffic would be monitored.

Motion for waiver on Traffic Impact Study as called for in Bylaw 7.7

Vote for Waiver 4-1. In favor -Flynn, Dolben, Kruzel, Majkut Against – Reeves

Vote for Special Permit 4.20 and 4.26 with Two Conditions

(1.)  Submittal of Planting Plan in compliance with Section 7.10

(2.)  Submittal of traffic count by June 23 meeting.

Vote 5-0  In favor Flynn, Dolben, Kruzel, Majkut and Reeves


Valentine Case 2004-H, 2004-I - John D. Flynn introduced the Board and read the Statement of Authority. The notice that was advertised in The Reminder was read. Barbara Flebotte is representing Thomas Valentine. Valentine is looking to create two substandard frontage lots, Section 7.2.4 and both lots containing a minimum of 60 foot frontage. Valentine is also looking for a Special Permit Bylaw Section to allow the use of a common driveway to serve two residential house lots. Having a common driveway so there will be no disturbance of wetlands. Flynn explained, Valentine came before the Board one and a half years ago and all three permits were approved. The time for the approval has expired and Valentine has to reapply. Since that time nothing has changed. The Conservation Commission Order of Condition has not run out it is still in effect.

Police reports there is no safety concerns related to the existing flow of traffic and what additional traffic may be caused by the building of homes on these two lots.

Melaine Hermanette and Tony Roda, 172 Allen Street also attended this meeting. Prospective buyers for the property.

Vote to approve two Special Permits, Zoning Bylaw 7.2.4 Substandard Frontage Lots and Special Permit Common Driveway to service two single family homes.

Vote unanimous 5-0 Flynn, Reeves, Dolben, Majkut, and Kruzel




Submitted by Jane M. Budynkiewcz Assist Clerk