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Town of Hampden

Regular Meeting of Planning Board

7:00PM at the Hampden Town Hall
May 12, 2004

Approved May 26, 2004


Members Present: John D. Flynn, Chair, Joseph “Charlie” Dolben, Melissa Reeves, Joseph Kruzel, Robert Majkut

Election of Officers:  John D. Flynn was voted in as Chair 4 in favor 0 opposed.

Joseph “Charlie” Dolben was voted in as Vice-Chair 4 in favor 0 opposed

Melissa Reeves was voted in as PVPC Representative 4 in favor 0 opposed

Robert Majkut was voted in as Alternate PVPC Representative 4 in favor 0 opposed

Minutes from April 28 – The minutes from April 28 were reviewed and accepted. In the future the minutes should go into more depth.

Shadow Wood- Extension good until November 19, 2004 – John Flynn had an informal meeting with Gary Weiner from Ecotec Environmental. They submitted a Notice of Intent with the Conservation Commission.

Rediker- Weiner is also doing the work on the Rediker project. This project comes before the Board at the next meeting on May 26.

Sidewalk Study Committee- Flynn spoke to Rick Rediker, Rediker Software, 2 Wilbraham Road, Rediker is very interested in sidewalks near his building.

Special Permit- Discussion was held on the Bracett & Lucas (PVPC meeting booklets brought back). In the booklet on Special Permits, #4 was discussed. After the hearings on the application are completed, the final SPGA has ninety (90) days within which to take “final action” which includes making its decision and filing with the Town Clerk (after voting the decision, the SPGA must file its written decision with the Town Clerk within fourteen (14) days. (Chapter 40A, §9) Failure to meet these requirements may result in a “constructive” grant. The Board agreed to meet these specifications.

Update of Budget after Proposition 2 ˝ failed -   Flynn reported there will be no change in our budget. It will stay where it was.

South Wood Circle- Lenny Gorman, 7 South Wood Circle, Bill Gruber, Park Homes Inc., (builder for the development), and Jim Morini, 95 Stony Hill Road were asked to attended this meeting to see if the Board could be of some assistance in resolving the issues they are having at South Wood. Morini did not attend this meeting. When Morini approached the Board on April 14, he felt that the builder did not complete his commitment with the South Wood property. The buffer zone was not as long as it should be.

Flynn explained the Board has no power of enforcement action. He tried to stress cooperation from both parties would be most helpful in solving this issue.

Gorman called Gruber last Friday looking for some kind of resolution. Gruber agreed to try and resolve this issue. Gruber has trees 300 feet from Stony Hill Road. There are fourteen (14) acres to the property, ten (10) acres preserved, four (4) have been built on. Gruber did meet with Morini last Friday, May 7 and Morini said he did not want to come to this meeting. Gorman presented the Board with pictures of the debris pile on the line and the property. Gruber did state there is a stockade fence on the line already. Gruber and Gorman mentioned putting up a stockade fence. Flynn advised they put the fence two to three feet on the South Wood property. Flynn let Gorman and Gruber know they could have a copy of the minutes for future use if needed. Also in attendance was the landscaper for South Wood Angelo Commisso. Gorman thanked the Board for listening and trying to find a solution. 

Valentine – The Valentine Special Permit meeting is May 26.


Meeting Adjourned 8:25

Submitted by Jane Budynkiewicz Assistant Clerk