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Town of Hampden

Regular Meeting of Planning Board

7:00PM at the Hampden Town Hall
April 14, 2004

Approved April 28, 2004


Members Present: John D. Flynn, Chair, Joseph “Charlie” Dolben, Melissa Reeves, Joseph Kruzel, Robert Majkut

Minutes from March 24, 2004 Regular Meeting were reviewed and accepted

(1.)  Denise Spencer – Denise Spencer, 25 Pinewood Road came before the Board with a   Letter of Intent for a Home Occupation which would be selling used cars on the internet.  The Board had questions on the Letter. John Flynn asked Spencer if any cars would be on site and if so how many? Spencer replied she would only have one dealer plate so only one car would be on site. The site would be used strictly for a way station for customers stopping by and picking up a car, not for car sales. There would be no signs posted on the property. Spencer would have no other employees. Spencer was told she would have to come back to the Planning Board if she wanted to get another dealer plate at a later date and the issue would have to be reviewed again. The motion from the Board is to allow her home occupation of selling cars on the internet. She is being allowed to garage one car beside her own for intermittent storage. The Board voted and approved the motion unanimously.

(2.) John Kane, J.D. Contracting, Inc. - This Company is doing work at Green Meadows School. Kane came before the Board looking for approval to remove three stock piles of dirt, gravel and loam. There are about two hundred to three hundred loads. The dirt would be removed in ten wheeler trucks between seven and three thirty. The Board had many questions. The determination of what is surplus and the hours of operation where the two main questions. The dirt is in the way per the Fire Department. According to Kane it should be about the end of May before they can start hauling out dirt. J.D. Contracting can not run when the buses are running. The Board would concur that the materials may be taken off site after the Green Meadows Building Committee decides what surplus is. Kane is presenting his request before the Board of Appeals on April 20 and the Bylaw section 7.8.3 requests that this residential earth removal be looked at by the Planning Board. The Board voted on a motion to approve removal of material deemed surplus from Green Meadows Building Committee. Motion approved unanimously. 

(3.) Jim Morini – Jim Morini, 95 Stony Hill Road would like more screening between his property and the abutters of South Wood Estates. There is an eighty foot buffer and in that buffer there should be a thirty foot buffer zone where there should be approximately thirty hemlock trees. The buffer zone was never completed. Morini runs a landscaping and trucking company from his home and is in no violation with zoning. The Board agreed to allow “Chair” to draft a letter to Mr. Gruber, Park Homes, 4 Valley Lane, Easthampton, MA, and to c.c. the Selectman and the President of the Home Owners Association to determine if there is a way to resolve these issues.

(4.) Town Meeting Letter –The Board received a letter regarding Article 17 on the warrant referring to the need for an Associate Member from Mike Gerrard March 31, 2004. Flynn responded on April 5, 2004 and the Board agreed.

(5.) Shadow Wood – nothing to report (Dates of Extension Mar. 24 – May 24)

(6.) Scantic Meadows – Nothing to report

(7.) Billy Pope- Everyone will be in attendance for the May 12 continuation of the Pope meeting. The Clerk will notify abutters of the meeting.

(8.) Rediker Site Plan Review- Gary Weiner from Ectotec Environmental presented the site plan for The Rediker Special Permit for an addition to the building and an additional  parking lot. This area is not a wetland area. It will be one hundred and two additional parking spaces. Maximum parking will be between forty and sixty people in the daytime hours. The original drainage was designed for the size the building is going to become. The Board will hold a Special Permit Public Hearing for a Site Plan Review. In the meantime the recommendation from the Board is that Tighe and Bond review this project. The Board will need additional money for that. Joe Kruzel is handling this project. A public meeting date of May 26 was set.

Next Meeting April 28, 2004

Meeting adjourned at 9:05

Minutes submitted by Jane Budynkiewicz Assistant Clerk