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Town of Hampden

Public Hearings of Planning Board

7:00PM at the Hampden Town Hall
March 10, 2004

Approved March 24, 2004

Members in attendance: John D. Flynn, Chair, Melissa Reeves, Joseph “Charlie” Dolben, Joseph Kruzel

Members absent: Robert Majkut

Others in attendance: Richard Jones, River Park Drive, Billy Pope, East Longmeadow, Anthony and Denise Panetta, 146 East Longmeadow Road, Michael Gorski, 152 East Longmeadow Road, Richard O’Brien, 135 East Longmeadow Road, Shelly Gengras, 136 East Longmeadow Road, Doug Farmer, Hampden-Wilbraham Times



Warrant Articles for April 26 Town Meeting: John D. Flynn called the meeting to order. He read the Statement of Authority Governing the Planning Board. There were no comments to report from any of the Town Offices or any of the Boards concerning the Warrant Articles for the Town Meeting. Change # 1 is Associate Member, Flynn explained the proposed change. Change #2 is Zoning Definition and Flynn also explained the proposed change. Change #3 is Special Permit which was also explained by Flynn. The proposed changes were voted on and accepted. The Public Hearing was closed.



Special Permit Case 2004- B Billy Pope – John D. Flynn introduced the Planning Board. He read the rules and regulations for the 7.2.4 Substandard Footage Lot. Also read was the notice for the Public Hearing.

Billy Pope reviewed with the Board the information about his lot, looking for approval as a Substandard Frontage Lot on East Longmeadow Road. Pope explained he could go a couple of ways with the house, he could put it in the front of the lot or push it to the rear of the lot depending which way it would be acceptable to all Boards.

There were two reports from other Committees and/ or Boards. The Historical Committee would like to walk the property looking for artifacts and old articles that might be on the property. The Police Department reports they see no safety concern related to the existing traffic flow.

Richard Jones voiced some concerns about a garage being put up and being used for multiple trucks and whatnot. He would like to see a two car garage and no bigger if possible.

Shelly Gengras wanted to know how it would affect her water on her property. Flynn explained that the Planning Board does not deal with water issues, that is the Conservation Commission’s jurisdiction.

Michael Gorski also had concerns about the water issues and the aesthetics of the woods surrounding the houses in the neighborhood. Flynn read the criteria for a Substandard Frontage Lot explaining how the Board is responsible for making its decisions.

Richard O’Brien wanted to know if anyone walked the property from the Board telling them how wet the lot is. Flynn explained the Board is limited to what they are empowered to do. Explained that we have to go by certified maps.

Jones is also concerned with water issues.

The Board agreed to hold the decision until Pope comes back with a plot plan showing the wetlands and suitable area to build on.  The meeting will be continued until May 12, 2004.


Minutes submitted by Jane Budynkiewicz Assistant Clerk