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Town of Hampden

Regular Meeting of Planning Board

7:00PM at the Hampden Town Hall
February 25, 2004

Approved March 10, 2004

In attendance: John D. Flynn, Chair, Melissa Reeves, Robert Majkut, Joseph “Charlie” Dolben, Joseph Kruzel

In attendance: Ed Speight, East Longmeadow, Dan O’Brien, Smith Associates Surveyors   

The Meeting opened at 7:00 PM

The minutes of February 11, 2004 were reviewed and accepted.

There is $475 left in the Planning Board expense account. Bills for clerical presented. Clerk worked 15 hours at $13.76 for a total of $206.40. The Assistant Clerk worked 45 hours at 10.18 an hour for a total of $458.10. This bill leaves a balance of $2,713.10 in the Clerical Account. The clerical bills were approved. An upgrade for the computer was discussed and approved. John Flynn paid a bill from CPCT for materials.

(1.) Scantic Meadows- The Board reviewed the Final Version of the Development Agreement for Scantic Meadows. Robert Majkut had some concerns with the wording on Page 2, Section 2. After some discussion the Board decided nothing should be changed. The Town Clerk conveyed there were no appeals made during the verbal approval twenty day period. The Board voted to approve the agreement, four in favor; Flynn, Reeves, Majkut, Kruzel,one abstained (Charlie Dolben). The Board signed the Final Version of the Development Agreement. They also signed the Mylar prints. The Town Clerk will be asked to add her endorsement on the Mylars noting today’s date of the 25th. Speight submitted a “Title Exam and Certification of Title” prepared by his attorney Robert Fratar and dated today. It showed a mortgage of $200,000 granted to Robert L. and Joan Kibbe.

(2.) Ridgeline Hillside – The committee is getting a little more structure. Their next       meeting will be on March 11, 2004. They are looking for a new Chairperson.

(3.)Special Permit- The Board has a request for a special permit for a home occupation in an accessory building from Glennice Flynn, North Road. A special hearing is set for April 14.

 (4.) Sidewalk Committee – Flynn received an e-mail from the Selectman’s secretary giving the approval to form a sidewalk committee.

(5.) Stormwater – Joe Kruzel reported the Stormwater Committee is starting to put together their report. Flynn suggested contacting PVPC to see the cost of drafting bylaws and anything else they made need done.

(6.) Member Project:

Mary Lyons – The DEP sent a Source Water Assessment Report on the well installed at Mary Lyons. Majkut checked into it and this was just a required notification. No action from us is needed.

(7.)    Member Project:

PVPC:   The PVPC contacted Melissa Reeves and reported there are out of money for now. Reeves also received an updated housing plan from Kathy Kroll re: EO418.

(8.)    Member Project:

Driveway – Majkut displayed the driveway permit showing a place for the Conservation Commission to initial and date. Majkut will present the finished permit to the Board at a later date.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:30 Next Meeting March 10, 2004

Submitted by Jane Budynkiewicz, Assistant Clerk   566-2403