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Town of Hampden

Regular Meeting of Planning Board

7:00PM at the Hampden Town Hall
January 28, 2004

Approved February 11, 2004

7:00 Public Hearing -"Shadow Wood" Bennett Road-subdivision (

Minutes of Public Hearing

January 28, 2004


Melville Room 7:00 PM            Members Present: John D. Flynn, Chair, Melissa Reeves, Robert Majkut, Joseph “Charlie” Dolben, Joseph Kruzel

PUBLIC HEARING on the Definitive Plan for the proposed eighteen (18) lot Shadow Wood subdivision. The Chair opened the meeting reading the governing rules and reading the Public Hearing Notice. He introduced himself and the board members and asked Gary Weiner start his presentation. Robert Majkut recused himself as he has business dealing with Mr. Lemieux owner of the Shadow Wood property.

Gary Weiner of ECOTEC introduced himself and explained that Mr. Lemieux is planning an 18 lot subdivision on Bennett Road. He presented past history on the parcel being 93 acres and consisting of 18 lot subdivision. The applicants for the previous subdivision asked Weiner to cease the work on the subdivision

The new proposal has the wetlands and zoning changed. They have reviewed and are submitting plans to meet all the rules and bylaws. There will be 43 acres disrupted and the rest of the 93 acres will be open space. The homes will be clustered in the center of the cite.

Fourteen perc tests were completed. The lots meet stormwater management and guidelines. A Notice of Intent is being prepared for the Conservation Commission. There is designated twenty two acres for open space on the southerly side. Waivers are need for thirty six feet on Shadow Way, for sidewalk requirements and streetlights.

The Police Department has no concerns for the property and no other department responded to the Planning Board.

Flynn asked for an approximate time frame, Weiner responded with about three years.

The question was raised by Dolben if they need 10,000 gallon fire supply. Tony da Cruz from Tighe & Bond Consulting Engineers answered that only if the Fire Department sees a need but the standing comment is not required.

Flynn asked who would maintain the open space. Weiner’s comment was the Homeowners Association would. da Cruz however said if the town takes ownership of the open space then it would require an easement.

da Cruz said the entrance off Bennett Road is adequate but sight issues may be a problem. Weiner recommends widening Bennett Road.

Michael Marion 76 Bennett had concerns for his pond. Weiner explained there would be a retention basin to keep contaminants out. Marion also said he was against the waiver for extension on Shadow Wood Way of thirty five feet beyond the one thousand five hundred foot limit.

Michael Gerrard 296 South Road asked who would be responsible for maintaining the basin. da Cruz answered that the developer who maintains them until such time as it is turned over to the town, then the town would maintain them.

Flynn motioned to close the Public Hearing on Shadow Wood at 8:30. Dolben seconded and the member voted 4-0 to close with one recuse.

Submitted by Jane Budynkiewicz    Assist Clerk 566-2403