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Town of Hampden

Regular Meeting of Planning Board

7:00PM at the Hampden Town Hall
January 28, 2004

Approved February 11, 2004

7:00 Public Hearing -"Shadow Wood" Bennett Road-subdivision (Minutes done separately) Assistant Clerk Jane Budynkiewicz


Regular Meeting; All members Present with Michael Gerrard, Con. Com. Chair and T'mes Reporter Doug Farmer attending

Also present through the public hearing and regular meeting was Tony daCruz (representing the Town Engineers, Tighe & Bond)

8:40 – Minutes of January 7 were amended as follows:

Page 3. Second Item #3 is actually #4

In Item #4 add the sentence, "Flynn stated that Doug Stole and Ellen Moriarty had also applied for the assistant clerk position.

Minutes were accepted as amended.

Bill – Clerk for month of Jan. @ 35 hrs.- $13.76 = 481.60 Endorsed by Chair.

BUDGET - A memo came out today from Bd. of Sel. stating a new Taber schedule. Clerk is Grade 6 on the FY 05 Table, A revised budget needs to be submitted.

(1) Ed Speight, Dan O'Brien  -  "Scantic Meadows"

Ed is requesting verbal approval of his subdivision.

A letter dated 1/21/04 was submitted from the Tennessee Gas Pipeline noting conditions. This was endorsed by Speight as accepted and agreed to on Jan. 26.

They are filing with the Conservation Commission tomorrow. The agreement is in the form of a covenant and the Town's attorney Dave Martel is working on it with Speight's attorney. Reeves has drafted a "Notice of Findings and Decision". This is the first time the Board has initiated such a document, which sumarizes the subdivision activity and documents all actions regarding the development up to approval time. The Board reviewed this and Reeves will make slight changes prior to actual plan endorsement.

Sidewalks are not being waived for now.

The Board voted to grant verbal approval to this subdivision 4 to 0. Dolben could not vote as he was not present at the public hearing. A Certificate of approval was signed by the Chair to be filed with the Town Clerk tomorrow (Jan. 29) by the assistant Clerk. Under Ch. 41, 81 V - the Town Clerk will notify us if there is an appeal within 20 days. If the covenant is ready, the endorsing will take place at the Feb. 25 meeting, should there be no appeal. (Antonio da Cruz was present from Tighe & Bond during this section and he noted that construction sheets do not get recorded.)

Since Speight was present, Clerk gave him the copy of the invoice just received from Tighe & Bond dated 1/27 @ $861.00. There is still money in the escrow account to pay it.


Russell Cable, Lot 5A South Road (Kibbe parcel)

7.2.4 Substandard frontage lot approved on Jan. 14.  Chair endorsed the document after the Board reviewed it. This will be filed with the Town Clerk tomorrow (Jan. 29) to start the 20 day appeal period

(3) "SHADOW WOOD" Subdivision  - Plan Review

The members received a 5 page definitive plan review dated 1/26 from Tony daCruz reviewing the plans for the 18 lot subdivision. These had been sent to Chair and Dolben to review prior to-tonight's meeting. Dolben is the Board’s "point person" on this project. Also enclosed was a package to Mike Gerrard enclosing the previous action on the subdivision. Da Cruz noted that since the wetland delineation was conducted three years ago, they are no longer valid.

(4) MEMBER PROJECT - Driveway Permit/application

Majkut has worked out a permit proposal. The Board reviewed it and made suggestions. Majkut will change it and put it into place for trial.

(5) ANR Submitted tonight by Gary Weiner - SCANTIC ROAD

Map 19-95 Richard & Judith Hatch 31 Scantic Rd, Mark & Elizabeth Ogoley- existing lot being erased and added to, creating New Lot A-1 4.17 acres & New Lot C-1 3.33 acres

Approved as drawn and endorsed by the Chair. $35 check to be submitted to Town Clerk along with Form A tomorrow.


Meeting Adjourned: 10 PM

Next Meetings- Feb 10  &  Feb. 24  @ 7PM . Submitted by:

Judith M. Jackson, Clerk     566-2403