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Town of Hampden

Special Meeting of Planning Board

7:00PM at the Hampden Town Hall
January 7, 2004

Approved January 14, 2004

Members Present: Chair John D. Flynn, Joseph A. Dolben, Joseph Kruzel, Melissa Reeves

Member Absent:  Robert Majkut

Also attending:  Carrie Polci, 653 Main St.

Minutes of December 17 were presented for approval.
Correction Item #8 Flynn, not Dolben offered to do the annual report.


[Reeves] O'Brien brought in an extension request to allow the Board 30 more days to approve the subdivision. This puts the final date at Feb. 7 with action needed at the meeting on Jan. 28.

It was moved and seconded 3-0 (Dolben had not as yet arrived) to accept this extension request of 30 days.

A second sidewalk proposal was submitted for 2804' of asphalt sidewalks was submitted at $8 totaling $22,720. Reeves pointed out that we had not reached a decision regarding this issue and the waiver of sidewalks. Flynn said he had some inquiries out and hoped to have an answer by the next meeting.

A temporary construction waiver was submitted allowing the subdivision to be done in two phases. O'Brien said that Speight plans to have Phase I completed within two years and be into Phase II by that time. Bonding for Phase II will be needed prior to putting it in. If Phase II doesn't go the Phase I street will be 40' over the required limit and Kibbe Lane must be brought into compliance. It was moved and seconded to allow this waiver (4-0) unanimously.

The piping waiver was continued until a more specific description of the pipe to be used was given. This will be drawn into the plan, but the rules and regs don't call it as he plans, so the waiver must be approved.


The Board reviewed the report as presented by Chair and after discussing it was approved .

(3) PROPOSED ZONING BYLAW CHANGES FOR April Town Meeting 2004.  

Flynn pulled the changes together and reviewed them with the Board to be submitted to Pam Courtney by Jan 12.  These were moved and seconded (4-0) to be submitted by Flynn.

(4)  - Carrie Polci is interested in becoming an associate member and there was a discussion as to how this member may serve.

Meeting Adjourned: 8:15    Next Meeting:  Jan 14, Jan 28 (HEARINGS)


Submitted by Clerk, Judith M. Jackson