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Town of Hampden

Special Meeting of Planning Board

7:00PM at the Hampden Town Hall
December 17, 2003

Approved January 14, 2004

Members Present:   All members were present.

The minutes of December 3 were approved as presented by Clerk.

Bill: Clerk 35 hrs. month of Dec @ $13.76 = $481.60 Endorsed for payment by Chair

(1) [Flynn] - MINI MALL

Subway has gone in and called Flynn about signage and was referred to the Building Inspector. Sign has to be on the ladder sign. Lightpoles are going in at 35' in height. Gary Weiner is looking into the lighting spread.

(2) 7:15 Appointment Dan O'Brien, Ed Speight and Bob Cafarelli, SCANTIC MEADOWS.

[Reeves] A sidewalk estimate was given. $39,000 (concrete)

A Dec. 16, 2003 letter from Nick Decesare, Principal Pipeline Specialist for Tennessee Gas received by Dan O'Brien as a 1 yr. approval letter. O'Brien stated that the gasline people came out before he designed. The Building envelopes go up to the easement.

The Sight Distance Profile was presented by Caffarelli. It was noted that the utilities can cross the gas line as long as they are located 18' above or below the gas line.

Antonio daCruz faxed his "Definitive Plan Review - Follow-up" dated Dec. 16 and, led by Reeves , the Board reviewed the various items. In discussing the dry hydrant which is for convenience, Majkut noted that he is in favor of it and will check with Fire Chief Hatch.

It was agreed that the guard rails will be of pressure treated wood rather than galvanized steel. This will be noted in the plan.

The developer will provide a signed copy of the Tennessee Gas Agreement to the Board.

The Extension will be up on Jan. 10 and the Board will be looking for an extension. Verbal approval will probably be given at the next meeting.

(3) Appointment 7:45 Gary Weiner, ECOTEC "SHADOW WOOD" Definitive

Gary submitted this plan for two streets, Shadowwood Way and Abby Lane for Wilfred Lemieux. Weiner will file with the Town Clerk tomorrow and pay the'$1,020 fee.

Dolben offered to be the point man on this subdivision as he served as such on the never completed Hampden Hills Estates. He took a set of the plans. Clerk will disperse the others.


Majkut has not made contact with the person in charge as yet. We don't need to take action and it is felt materials were given to us as an annual report is required.


Gary Weiner left materials for the Russell Cable Special Permit request for Lot 5A South Rd., owned by Ray Kibbe. Clerk will file the $75 with the Town Clerk. This hearing will be set for the Jan. 14 meeting at 7PM.

(6) PVPC [Reeves]

Melissa attended the meeting Dec. 11 and said they barely had a quorum. Hadley took a lot of flack for their commercial district. There was a lot of rebuttal.


[Majkut] Samples were brought in to be reviewed by the members.

(8) Annual Report due Jan 12 [Dolben will prepare]

Budget due Jan. 12 [Flynn will prepare]

Meeting Adjourned: 9 PM

Next Meeting: Special Jan. 7

Jan. 14 Cable Public Hearing 7:00

Jan. 28 Bennett Rd. Public Hearing 7:00


Submitted by Clerk, Judith M. Jackson