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Town of Hampden

Regular Meeting of Planning Board
7:00PM at the Hampden Town Hall
October 22, 2003

Approved November 12, 2003

Members Present: Chair John D. Flynn, Joseph A. Dolben, Joseph Kruzel, Melissa Reeves, Robert Majkut

Also attending: Conservation Commission Chair Michael Gerrard, Carrie Polci, 653 Main St., Reporters Doug Farmer, Times; David Martin, Reminder

Bills: Clerk 35 hrs. month of Oct. @$13.76= $481.60

Remaining in Clerical Budget ($5304.-4.81.60=$4822.40) FY 04

Minutes of Oct. 8 were reviewed and amended as follows:

Item 12 CPA add the words,"... pending approval at Town Meeting" after the number $7.000 in line 1.

Item 14 Historical Commission, delete the word "house" in 1ine7 and substitute the word "property" to read ..."what persons owning a property could or could not do with their property."

Minutes were accepted as amended.


(1) Appointment Scott Humphries  Carmody Rd. (Map 6-20)

The Board reviewed the revised Humphries plan as drawn by Don Frydryk. professional land surveyor. Located on the easterly side of Carmody Rd. opposite Old Orchard Rd., Lot 1 shows 67,691 Sq. ft. and 201' frontage. The remaining land in the parcel contains a non-buildable lot of 14.4+ acres. Scott is trying to get title insurance on the building lot. The boundaries are difficult to discern on the remaining lot which is wet. This building lot will use a common driveway obtained under Special Permit with the abutter at #77 Carmody.

Melissa recused herself from the vote as she is an abutter to the Kibbe parcel. It was moved and seconded to endorse the ANR.



Reeves updated the Board and went over the Oct. 16 review done by Tighe & Bond as a "follow-up". She noted that as a result of the Public Hearing, new items were added.  Reeves received input to carry back to the developer on various items. Sidewalks have not been waived and O'Brien will need to show a sidewalks plan and come up with a per linear cost. He will be at the Nov. 12 meeting.


(3) Appointment Mike Gerrard Conservation Commission Issues.

Due to concerns voiced from Bob Majkut, an abutter to the Stafford Rd. parcel being developed by Carl Perella, a look was taken at the mud and water running off of this parcel. This is not a Conservation issue as although it probably runs to the Scantic, there is no proof. Majkut noted that the standing water on Howlett Hill Rd. could become a danger and will send a letter to Sel./Highway.

Russ Braun has come in with a conceptual plan for the PURD on East Longmeadow Rd.



Kruzel met with his committee on Oct. 21, Tuesday and notes that it is a good working group.  They made a list of tasks for this year.  There needs to be a review and listing of existing rules and regs that currently apply.  The group will meet on Oct. 28.



Flynn will work on the letter of support and as Majkut is not in concurrence, it will need to be put before the Board at the next meeting.


(6) ZONING BYLAW - DEFINITION "Non conforming"

Dolben will work on revising the definition for a vote in the. spring.


(7)  PERMIT APPLICATION - David Strickland, Lot 2 Ames Rd. Clerk will call Strickland as much more needs to be obtained prior to a Public Hearing.

This is temporarily set for Wed, Dec. 10 with advertising Nov.24 and Dec. 1 .


(8) PUBLIC HEARING - Subdivision regs changes

Flynn will prepare wording for changes needed in the subdivision regs and a hearing can be scheduled for Dec. 10.


Meeting Adjourned: 8:45

Next Meeting: Nov. 12 @ 7PM

Submitted by Clerk, Judith M. Jackson