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Town of Hampden

Special Meeting of Planning Board
7:00PM at the Hampden Town Hall
September 17, 2003

Approved September 24, 2003

PUBLIC HEARING              "Scantic Meadows Subdivision"

Members Present: Chair John D. Flynn, Joseph Kruzel, Melissa Reeves, Robert Majkut

Member Absent: Joseph A. Dolben

Chair called the meeting to order at 7:15.

After reading the statement of authority and the Public Notice which was printed in The REMINDER on Sept. 1/8, the members were introduced.

The owner and builder Edward Speight, 78 Melwood Ave, East Longmeadow was introduced and asked to review his proposal.

Speight stated that he had purchased the property from Bob and Joan Kibbe and under the zoning bylaws plans to build 23 lots. He plans a two phase development building 4-5 houses a year. He supplied photos of the type of home he has built in other places.

Smith Associates is doing the lot design and Dan O'Brien went over the Definitive Plan page by page. Kibbe Lane, named in honor of the Kibbe's goes straight in and Pine Hill Rd. goes off. There are 21 lots east of the high ridge and two "estate lots" on the west side. All lots have been perked. It is a flat site with no major problems. Some of the land is in R-4 (19 lots) and two in R-4/R-6 will meet R-6 regs. There is a 30' ridge west of the property. Roads are east of this. There is a small depression in the NE area and all construction will be in the open grazing land.

Bob Cafarelli of Civil Engineering Assoc., 10 Crane Ave., East Longmeadow was introduced.

He discussed the farm pond. Water cannot be put into it directly so he will use infiltration fences (trenches), 30" high, 4' wide. The 100 yr. ground water and surface water will infiltrate to low part of the farm property using an overflow pipe for emergency purposes. Kibbe Rd follows the natural grade. Pine Hill Rd. will go up to ensure the proper distance from the pipeline. The other road is “Field Rd”.  46 perc tests were done in the winter, soils being sandy gravel and pervious. Each lot will have a well. The infiltration system will need maintenance - there is an inspection spot to the 4’ pumps. The manhole needs to be kept clean, and should be inspected every year. There will be a 20' wide easement on each drain.

There is to be a drainage easement on the remaining Kibbe parcel. They have discussed it with Kibbe, but no paper work has been done. As long as the easements are correct, the Town will take them over on acceptance of the streets.

Mike Gerrard of the Conservation Commission could make no comment as there been no application to go before them as yet.

Connie Witt of the Historical Commission read a letter sent to the Planning Board in Dec., whereby since the remaining Kibbe parcel was a farm, they felt Lots 1,2, 22 and 23 should be left with the house.

After hearing from Town Officials wishing to speak, Flynn opened the discussion to the public.

George Lavalle, 26 Martin Farm Rd. (abutting lots 18,19)  -  What is the proposed location of the well and septic system. "I just put a well in."

Cafarelli  - Lots are large enough to accommodate a well and septic. All wells within 150' have to be shown when a lot is to be developed. Septic systems are set on the Martin Farm side and wells next to the road.

Harvey Smith, 69 Colony Dr.'(abuts large lot 9 at rear)  -  There is a steep slope behind me.

Cafarelli  -  there will be no building on the ridge - a driveway will be cut in.

Smith  -  Are safety factors known of the pipeline?

Antonio da Cruz, Town Engineer, Tighe & Bond was present during the whole hearing and met with the developer before the meeting and answered many questions of the public.

Da Cruz  - The developer met with the gas company who made requirements, but we have had nothing from the gas company.

Resident  - certain factors of homeowners protection are needed.

Charlie Cline, 91 Colony Dr.(abutts large lot 9 at rear) What is the elevation of the water in the pond and what is its high elevation?

O'Brien  -  less than 242, there is a 242 contour.

da Cruz  -  he is not proposing a direct discharge to the pond,.only under emergency conditions. The sump is enclosed to collect debris which goes down and the water goes off. There is a cover over it. The highway dept can muck it out. The leaching chambers are difficult to clean out. Hydraulic profiles of those pipes are recommended. Leach beds can be raised - ground water is low enough so most of them are at existing grade.

Resident  - Colony Dr. residents have sump pumps. Millett's house #43 (abutting Lot 8) has problems.

Mike Gerrard  - What is the life of these infiltrators. It is new technology and is it common practice?

Da Cruz  -  there is no track record  -  it is used a lot in parking lots, but there is a long time maintenance issue.

Resident  - What is the cost per foot?

Ed Turnberg  -  There is stone on both sides- $25 per foot

da Cruz - that is a very low estimate.  No trees, fence or any permanent object should be over the easements.

Dick Bird  - 68 Martin Farms Rd.  (abuts large Lot 10 to rear)  Is a 20' easement large enough?

da Cruz - It is typical and sufficient to work in a linear pattern.

Resident  - as a taxpayer, I am not interested in the Town picking up the responsibility to pay for it.

Austin McKeon, Potash Hill Lane - Does the Planning Board do due diligence where the developer done other work?

Flynn  - yes, we talk to other Planning Boards to determine a builder's reputation.

Austin McKeon- (Former Selectman)  - The Town is doing less than 1/3rd each year of all the cleaning out needed. Today you can't just dump it anywhere, you have to pay someone to take the material.

Peter Hatch, Fire Dept. - It looks fine to me.

 Judy Duncan, 28 Colony Dr. (opposite side of road)  -  Is there any study of the aquifer - is the development going to overtax it?

Flynn- The Board of Health didn't report as yet

Resident  - What about farm use of fertilizer and animal waste over the years?

Resident  - Will the assessors downgrade our property without the beauty of the land

Betty Cronin - 85 Colony Dr. (abuts large lot 9) what is the price range of the homes?

Speight - $285K and up depending on what the buyer wants.  I will start as soon as the official plans are stamped. I like colonial homes - there will be no ultra modern styles..Go look at Westwood Ave., East Longmeadow. I won't sell lots.

Flynn - explained the performance guarantee procedure, with a bond in place when road work starts.

Gail Romano 32 Martin Farm Rd. (abuts lot 18 to rear) Where will you start?

Speight - front sides going back in.

Scott Coopee – 19 Erica Circle (abuts large lots 9 and 10 to rear) When will you get to the large lots?

Speight  -  It will be a few years before I get to them.

Harvey Smith, 69 Colony Dr.  -   Why is a Special permit needed for the large lots.

Flynn explained zoning re: substandard frontage lots

Theresa Gawron, 27 Colony Dr. (abuts farm pond)  - .The pond is in back. Will salts get into it from the road?

Flynn - The Conservation Commission will review this. It boils down to maintenance. There is a new Stormwater Committee and an Aquifer Protection District.

Scott Coopee  - How many houses on an estate lot?

Flynn - only one due to lack of frontage.

Elaine Robbins – 44 Martin Farm Rd (abuts lot 16)  -  On the SE corner of this property every year there is water behind 58 Martin Farm Rd. Mortimer (lots 14/15 on cul de sac) we have skated there 

Da Cruz  -  Nothing shows high ground water on the design plan. A look will need to be taken for wetland species and is this area subject to flooding.

Chris Cesan  - 240 Chapin Rd  -  I drove down Somers Rd. and where the proposed streets access, it doesn't seem like a good access.

Flynn- although we don't have a written response, the police have stated no issues.

Hearing adjourned: 8:45

Submitted by Judith M. Jackson, Clerk