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Town of Hampden

Regular Meeting of Planning Board
7:00PM at the Hampden Town Hall
September 10, 2003

Approved September 24, 2003

In attendance: John D. Flynn, Chair, Joseph Dolben,  Joseph Kruzel, Robert Majkut, Melissa Reeves.

Guests:  Carri Polci (interested in serving as an Associate Member)

Absent: Acting Clerk, Judy Jackson

Chair brought the meeting to order at 7:00

Minutes of August 27 were approved as presented.

7:15 Appointment of Bill Lemieux re: Bennett Road FROSD proposal

                        John Masik and Gary Weiner presented conceptual drawings of a FROSD for the parcel, which had been previously the subject of a standard Subdivision.  According to the presenters, their interpretation of the By-Law regarding FROSD allows for only 13 lots.  The standard Subdivision approach allows 18 lots, although as Dolben noted, the original plan relied on several Estate Lots.  Thus in the eyes of the developer and his engineers, the FROSD does not provide an incentive to the developer, seemingly contrary to the stated intent of this section of the By-Law.  The developer left the plans for review by the Board to see if it agreed with the developerís interpretation of the rules regarding FROSD.

7:30  Unscheduled Discussion with Gary Weiner re: Steepleview Drainage

                        Chair took the opportunity of Gary Weinerís visit to review the status of completing drainage improvements required to finish the subject Subdivision.  Gary reported that to his knowledge, work to complete the project has not yet been scheduled. The discussion was tabled pending Weinerís confirmation of the work status and review by Board members of possible alternative enforcement actions by the Board.

7:40  Appointment of Melissa and Joe Mastronardi re: Parcel on Mountain Road

                        The presenters reviewed the parcel abutting the new section of Mountain Road.  The land in question had been proposed for subdivision in the 1940s, but with the passage of time has reverted to a single parcel under common ownership for the purposes of subdividing the land.  Thus the parcel would fall under current requirements of Zoning and associate ANR procedures.  Dolben recused as he is an abutter to the land in question.  Chair reviewed the basic requirements for ANR division of the parcel into building lots.

7:50  Stormwater Committee

            Chair reviewed the requirement of Section 2c of the MS4 plan submitted to the State that the Board form a Stormwater Committee of the Town.  It was moved and seconded to form the Committee; the motion carried unanimously.  It was moved and seconded that Joe Kruzel be appointed as Planning Board representative to the Committee; the motion carried unanimously.  The Chair presented a slate of members at large in the Committee, which consisted of Neil Flynn, Steve Hall, Bruce Libby, and Karl Sternberg.  It was moved and seconded to elect the nominations to membership; the motion carried unanimously.  The Chair will report the foregoing to the Selectmen.

7:55  Howlett Hill; Town discontinuing of maintenance

                        Bob Majkut reported on a meeting with the Selectmen, when the subject was discussed.  The Selectmen deferred taking action on the proposal pending additional information from affected abutters.

8:00  Scantic Road Subdivision

                        Chair provided Tighe and Bondís comments after its review of the proposed Subdivision, which will be the subject of a Public Hearing on September 17.  There were numerous issues raised by the Town Engineer, and the developer will be advised to address as many as possible prior to the Hearing. 

8:15  East Longmeadow Road PURD submitted by Russ Braun

                        Chair reported that Russ Braun will be meeting with Conservation on the proposed PURD.  Their meeting is scheduled for September 18.

8:20  Associate Membership to Planning Board

                        Chair has been researching requirements to effect Associate Membership in the Board.  Don Schmidt at Community Development indicates that it is not a requirement that Planning Board regulations provide for Associate membership; rather, provision for Associate Membership to the Planning Board is approved by Town Meeting.  But Chair has agreed with the Selectmen to include an amendment to the Zoning By-Law, which discusses composition of the Planning Board as well as creation of an Associate position.

8:30  Unscheduled Patty Ahlers re: Sidewalk Construction Plans

                        Patty Ahlers wanted to find out information on planning for sidewalk development in the Town and what the Planning Board was currently doing in this regard.  Chair explained that sidewalk construction generally is under control of the Selectmen.  The extent of Planning Board oversight on the subject was the Subdivision requirement for sidewalks in new Subdivisions. Although the Planning Board has authority to waive requirements for sidewalks in particular circumstances (especially where such sidewalks do not connect to existing sidewalks), it has taken the position in recent cases to require the developer contribute the money saved by not constructing sidewalks to a general fund controlled by the Town for construction of future sidewalks.  Chair noted that the Town does have a master plan prioritizing sidewalk construction.


There being no further business, it was voted to adjourn the meeting at 8:55 pm.