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Town of Hampden

Special Meeting of Planning Board
7:00PM at the Hampden Town Hall
August 27, 2003

Approved September 10, 2003

Members Present: Chair JD Flynn, Melissa Reeves, J "Charlie" Dolben, Robert Majkut,

Member Absent: Joseph Kruzel

Guests: Doug Farmer, Times Reporter; Mike Gerrard, Con Comm; Kerri Polci, resident interested in serving on Board.

Bills: Fed. of Planning Board Dues @ $60

Expense Budget $535 -$60 = $475 remaining

To be signed: Legal Notice for Sept. 17 Public Hearing @ 7PM

The minutes of July 16 were accepted as read.

7:10 Appointment Priscilla "Attleton" Kibbe re: Mountain Rd.

Two letters were received stating that the road has been improved to a standard comparable with the rest of Mountain Rd. and lots can be released. Highway Supt. Dana Pixley's letter was dated Aug. 21 and Project Engineer Gary Weiner's letter was dated today and faxed to the Board. The cul de sac area is to be granted to the Town. Kibbe had prematurely filed an ANR plan with the Town Clerk. Dan O'Brien had stamped PRELIMINARY on it and did not have the linen ready for submittal. This was reviewed and suggestions were made for Kibbe to relay to Dan O'Brien upon completion of the plan showing her newly created lots. Mike Gerrard voiced issues with the road width.

7:30 Russ Braun - PURD proposal, East Longmeadow Rd.

Braun brought in a conceptual plan showing 13 units These are 1400-1500 Sq. ft. with attached garages. He would like the Board to consider a gated drivable path instead of a cul de sac.  It would be used for emergency purposes and allow for semi-recreational use of the path. He would like a narrower pavement width, 24' with parking restricted to one side. He has not as yet purchased the land as it is a "contingent sale" and is not as yet ready to file for a Special Permit.

8:00 ANR submitted by-Russ Morton -

Revision of Division of into 2C-1 and 2D-1 which includes the common driveway across Lot 2D-1 to reach Lot 2C-1. Note, this drawing was done on a mylar showing the complete South Ridge lots, not an isolated plan of the lot being acted on. The couple was present that plans to purchase Lot 2D-1.  They can get a building permit, however before Lot 2C-1 can be built on, wording is needed for the Common Driveway.

8:15 FERNWOOD DRIVE property - inquiry Bob Burger, 41 Fernwood Dr. present for discussion.

There is an entrance into back land between Burger, 41 Fernwood and Perusse, 35 Fernwood Dr. owned by Marcia Buckley, formerly Tano Milano.This opens into 27 acres of wetland with a stream shown as crossing the entrance way. There was an inquiry to Flynn as to the possibility of building on the property. No further appointment has been made.

Member Projects

SCANTIC MEADOWS- Melissa reported that a revised plan has been submitted to Tighe & Bond and none to us as yet. The Public Hearing will be Sept. 17 @ 7PM. This is a Special Meeting night. Dolben stated that he will be away, so all other members must be present.

EO418 - Melissa reported that she has downloaded the application for re-certification and will be working on it.

ASSOCIATE MEMBER - John will review the procedure regarding the Board's right tohave one associate member. They probably can vote only on Special permit applications.

STEEPLEVIEW- the question is, can we release the $5,000 bond to Cimmino - in discussing the repiping so that there's no standing water the question came up is a detention pond considered a wetland in the process of building it. Gerrard, feels it is a wetland and a filing needs to be done. This will need review.

STAFFORD ROAD - Ratchford/Perella building project.

Majkut spoke as a resident and not a Board member as he told about the construction run-off, cutting of trees, torn-up road with much gravel running down the road eventually into the Scantic. The Board has no control of this issue and he was urged to file a complaint in writing with the Selectmen.

Appointment 8:30  14 Wehr Rd. Garage issue

Flynn had spoken to the resident of this property who had gone to the Building Inspector to try to put up a garage and he could find no place to put it on this small lot. There is a pool in the yard and gardening landscaping. This Board could also not find a legal way to get a garage, so referred them to the Bd. of Appeals.

RIDGELINE & HILLSIDE COMMITTEE - Flynn noted the roster for the revised committee and received the endorsement of the Board. Added to the three current members will be Dick Patullo, Richard DeSanti, Tom Poulin and Candice Keddy.

STORMWATER COMMITTEE - Flynn will have the roster for the Sept. 10 meeting. It will be a 9 member committee.


Next Meeting: Sept. 10 @ 7PM          (Clerk Jackson will not be present)

Submitted By:                      Judith M. Jackson, Clerk