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Town of Hampden

Special Meeting of Planning Board
7:00PM at the Hampden Town Hall
July 16, 2003

Approved August 27, 2003

Members Present: Melissa Reeves, Bob Majkut, Charlie Dolben

Members Absent: Chair John D. Flynn , Joe Kruzel

Guests: Mike Gerrard, Conservation Commission,   Doug Farmer, Hampden/Wilbraham Times


Charlie Dolben acted as Chair.

Guests during the evening included Doug Farmer (Times Reporter), Mike Gerrard (Conservation Commission) Mark Feeney (Building Commissioner) and Dick Jones attending to hear St..Clair discussion. Also attending to discuss membership in Ridgeline & Hillside Committee were Tom Poulin and Dick Patullo.

Minutes of June 26 were accepted with the following amendment­Item (1) Line 12 -."His business is mostly retail... substitute the word "wholesale" for "retail".

To be Signed- - As Chair was not present, the PVPC "Certificate of Assessment" will be left for him to sign.

Next meeting will be August 27, with the Subdivision Public Hearing also scheduled for that night. Advertising for the Hearing will be August 11/18

(2)  Appointment 7:10  Russ Braun, PURD Proposal, East Longmeadow Rd. Russ submitted a copy of his "Density Analysis - PURD Proposal" and explained his findings'. He said that he used the Town Bylaws to make all the numbers work. The parcel will be subdivided to include a frontage parcel. There is a power line easement. After discussing his theoretical subdivision, he said it looks like a 13 unit plan. Pete Leveque has done the wetland walkovers. Ct. Valley Artesian feels there is adequate water and Civil Engineering feels septic and sewer can be handled on site. Gerrard pointed out that Braun should call the Westboro DEP regarding "National Heritage Endangered Species" that may be on site. There will be a wetland crossing near the front.

The Board was satisfied with Braun's presentation, but left it for the Chair to review before suggesting that Braun go ahead with the Special permit submittal.

(3) Appointment 7:30 Jim Kibbe, 229 Somers Road  RE: Board of Appeals Renewal Earth Removal Special Permit Case 2003-3 7/26 @7:30

Kibbe reported that Bradway Construction has not taken much out this year. He drew the new line of work which includes a bank which is being knocked down. Kibbe will get a letter from Mark Feeney re: inspections performed over the year

The Board unanimously approved allowing the extension and will so recommend this through submittal of these minutes to the Bd.. of Appeals.

 (4) Appointment 7:45.- Bill St. Clair, 28 Commercial Dr.

Since Dolben was not present at the last meeting when the operation on this property was reviewed, Majkut chaired this discussion. St. Clair was asked to locate 20 parking spaces on his parcel, which he did. Clerk made a copy of this for the file.

Dick Jones asked to speak stating that-he was the complainant as a resident and neighbor of the Town. He objected to sales materials being placed in the front setback and bucket loaders loading trees onto trucks in the street leaving the street dirty. He said that trees are not planted there. but are set there and are for sale. . He sees this operation as a "sales yard", not a "nursery". Since the operation did not go before the Bd. of Appeals, there are no guidelines for the use of drains inside.

St. Clair said he had seen the property go through a very expensive clean-up when he purchased it from Turnberg; and he is very aware of what goes down his drain and prides himself in keeping a clean operation.

Mark Feeney was present and stated that there is no violation. This ended the discussion, as Dolben noted there is no reason for this to be before the Planning Board.

(5) Billy Pope -      Substandard frontage lot - East Longmeadow Rd.

Pope came to talk with the Board prior to filing for a Special Permit as due to wetlands/placement of the house.  He cannot meet the 100' side setback abutting the Commercial District side.

He shows only 60'. There was much discussion as to how to proceed. He can possibly get a Special permit for the-lot from us by placing the house as required and then before getting a building permit he would need a Bd. of Appeals variance. There was no definite answer to give to Pope.

He left a copy of a Plan for Billy & Janet M. Pope, July 2003, Smith Associates (not stamped) 65.2 frontage

Lot assessed at 9.58 ac. (not surveyed); Flagged wetland limit­25' buffer delineated behind house location. (Plan will be left for Chair to review).


Tom Poulin and Dick Patullo came in to discuss the workings of the-Ridgeline & Hillside Committee. Rick Desanti has also.shown interest, but was unable to attend-. Both Poulin and Patullo expressed interest in being on the committee. At present Mr. Jarett who has purchased the remaining Briotta lot on Bennett Rd has made an application for review.  This was shown to the potential members and will be left for Flynn as he heads up the R & H committee.

(7) Member Projects - tabled

Meeting Adjourned: 9:30

Submitted By:                      Judith M. Jackson, Clerk