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Town of Hampden

Regular Meeting of Planning Board
7:00PM at the Hampden Town Hall
June 25, 2003

Approved July 16, 2003

Members Present: Melissa Reeves, Bob Majkut, Chair John D. Flynn

Members Absent: Charlie Dolben, Joe Kruzel

Guests: Mike Gerrard, Conservation Commission,   Doug Farmer, Hampden/Wilbraham Times


Bills Endorsed: Clerk, month of June 73 hrs @ $13.76= $978.93 ($12.43 remaining in Clerical account ($163.95 remaining in Expense Account

Minutes of June 11 were approved as read.

(1) Appointment 7:30  Bill St. Clair,   Use 3.19 Nursery, Commercial District

Acompanied by Norm Turnberg, Paul Serafin

There had been a citizen complaint given verbally to-the Selectmen regarding the operation of St. Clair's business at 28 Commercial Drive. The Building Inspector had done an inspection and asked that St. Clair get an appointment with the Planning Board to review his operation.

St. Clair stated that he has his Landscaping operation in the garage and a nursery on the grounds. Don Falletti provides the shrubs for the office managed yard. There are 10 full time employees with 2 part-time. Spartan Realty is his wife, who owns the building and does not operate out of this building. His business is mainly retail, however a few people do drive in, look and buy. He commented that when he bought this property from Turnberg, he was told that the Planning Board would contact him. He delivers to a lot of landscapers and his trucks are out of the gate by 7 am and back at 4:30. When asked if he expected to grow, he noted that he had gotten a special deal on stock. and for now cannot put anymore stock in there, but he expects by next year he will be established.

Trucks are not an issue as they are off site. The Board requested that he show 20 parking spots on a site plan given to him from our file. He was instructed to leave this plan with the Selectmen's office.

(2) Appointment 8:00 Dan O'Brien, Bob Caffarelli, Ed Speight and his sons Mike & Tom      SCANTIC MEADOWS

A conceptual plan has been submitted, which it turns out was considered a Preliminary with a Definitive Plan about to be submitted. The group wanted to check into waivers such as for sidewalks, street lights etc. There will be a small infiltration pond. There will be 23 lots. He will develop the whole "road using underground utilities and will start developing 13 lots in the first phase. These are estimated to be in the $300,000 range depending on what the customer wants. Speight will be the developer. Reeves will be the contact person for this development. Calls will go to the Town office phone.

(3)  Hillside

Flynn reporteded that he has a group of interested persons for the Ridgeline & Hillside Committee and will invite them to attend the July 16 meeting. They are Rick Desanti, Tom Poulin and Dick Patullo.

Regarding Gianetti, South Rd., it is reported that clearing was done of about 3 acres to the side and up, but not near the top. The equipment leaked diesel fuel, which is an area of current concern for the Conservation Commission. Flynn. thought a “Cease and Desist” had been put on the property, however Mike Gerrard said it had not.

(4) Member Projects:

Howlett Hill Rd     - abandonment

Flynn found out that abutting Towns have a right to abandon streets without notifying abutting Towns. Copies of Highway Supt. Pixley's letters submitted to selectmen were taken by Majkut. He will call Selectmen as he is concerned about the shut off and the many persons coming to his door looking for help when their car is disabled on that road.

Zoning Bylaw Update -Bylaw 10.10.3

A call from Sprint noted that the new Bylaw is incorrect as it denotes a Special permit is good for only one year, when in fact it should read two years. (Flynn will take on the change)

Next Meetings: July 16        August 6 and 27

Submitted By:                      Judith M. Jackson, Clerk