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Town of Hampden

Regular Meeting of Planning Board
7:00PM at the Hampden Town Hall
June 11, 2003

Approved June 25, 2003

Members Present:     John D. Flynn, Chair, Melissa Reeves, Robert Majkut, Joseph Kruzel

Members Absent:  Joseph A. Dolben

The meeting opened at 7PM with a review of the minutes of May 28.  The minutes were accepted as read.

No bills.

Budget - The Advisory Committee has reduced the Clerical line by. 50% which will allow only 7-1/2  hours per week paid clerical. Clerk is looking into taking Hampden County Retirement and after 60 days of non payment can work part time with an estimated amount limit of $4,000. All phone communication will be directed to the office phone with members taking turns monitoring the calls. Clerical line is $5,304. Expenses are the same at $535. Members are asked to come to next meeting with ideas re: cutting work load for Clerk.

(1) Appointment - 7:15 Dimitrios Klitsas, 378 North Rd. (28-41)

Klitsas brought in a set of drawings in preparation for obtaining a building permit to enlarge his residence to the rear and upward. The lower level is a walk-out cellar as the land drops off toward the rear. The addition is completely to back of the present house , which he plans to demolish later. Presently the non-conformity is the front setback. There were no figures showing the setback on the plan, but it is estimated as being 60. Presently he has two grandfathered uses - a business in the barn, which includes instructional use and boarders, who at the present time are people who come to take classes for a week at a time.  The "Bed and Breakfast" use is seen as part of the business/ instructional use.  He is required to have at least 9 parking spaces, which at present are not shown on the plan, but location was verbalized.

The Board finds that he is not making the non conformity any greater and the use would not be detrimental to the neighborhood as there is a large area separating the closest abutter.

Building Inspector will be told that this Board sees no reason why a building permit cannot be issued. (Feeney did not hold hours tonight).

(2) RIDGELINE & HILLSIDE - Times Article - June 5

Doug Farmer wrote an article explaining this district and requesting new members for this sub-committee. Flynn reported that he has two suggested recruits. There is no new lot before the board at the present time, but there are indications that Lot 5 owned by Ray Kibbe is being sold and would need review.


(4) Road Closings - Abutting Towns

There was a general discussion about the fact that Somers, Stafford and Wilbraham have all decided to close roads that lead into Hampden - all are dirt, unimproved sections of street. Flynn has asked Don Schmidt for info, however he is out of his office, but will respond when he returns.  This issue has also been put before the Selectmen . Flynn will attend their next Tuesday's meeting to get their input.

Melissa moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:30 PM. Majkut seconded and there was a unanimous vote to adjourn.

Next Meeting : June 25 (Kruzel to be absent) This will be cancelled unless Somers Rd. subdivision comes in.

(Flynn will be away in July )               July 9/23

August 13/27       (Aug. 13. Reeves and Majkut will be absent

If Clerk retires, she takes two months between jobs.

Submitted By:                      Judith M. Jackson, Clerk                     Judy 566-8591