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Town of Hampden

Regular Meeting of Planning Board
7:00PM at the Hampden Town Hall
April 23, 2003

Approved May 14, 2003


Members Present:     John D. Flynn, Chair, Joseph A. Dolben, Melissa Reeves, Joseph Kruzel

Members Absent:     Robert Majkut

Guest - Michael Gerrard - Conservation Commission Chair


(1) PUBLIC HEARING - Russ Morton, continuation from April 9

Russ Morton called late afternoon saying he would like a two week extension as his engineer was not prepared. Clerk requested a memo stating such be dropped off at the Town Hall. but no memo was located prior to the meeting.

Asking to speak was Jim Helton who has been waiting to purchase Lot 2D from Morton. Also present was his realtor and Anita Hackett who is Morton's real estate agent. He said he did not speak for Morton, but explained that Sherman & Woods' engineer had been out and Morton didn't feel comfortable in coming in without a stamped plan. His intent was to show that he could access Lot 2D by blasting for a driveway, however he would rather go for a common driveway into both lots from 2D. He would very much like to purchase this lot.

Without Morton present it was again decided to continue the hearing to May 14th at 7:00.

A proposal had been submitted for ANR Approval to create two lots. This was denied as actual access could not be proven at that time. Dolben made a motion that the Chair be empowered to endorse tho ANR as it came in before, showing Lots 2D and 2C stating that 2C is not a Building Lot until further action by the Planning Bd. Melissa seconded the motion which passed with a 4-0 vote.

(2) Open regular meeting with review of minutes of April 9. Melissa recalled that in Item #2 re: Sue Bower in paragraph 2 , 2nd sentence starting,"The Board voted 4 to 1 against this concept". Change the vote number to 3 to 2. The Board then approved the minutes as read.

Chair endorsed Decision, Case 2003-3 for filing with the Town Clerk.

Chair endorsed Voucher for Clerk, month of April @ $825.60 for 60 hr. @ $13.76 per hr.

(3) All Dept. Meeting - was cancelled for Apr. 17 at 9am. Clerk was instructed to write a letter to Selectmen to request that this be held in the evening at least every third month, so that persons employed during the day may attend.

(4) Ridgeline & Hillside Overlay District- RE: Gionetti Findings to Conservation Commission has made a second request for a written "finding" on this property. Flynn said he would remind Robin again to process it by Town Meeting night. (Apr. 28)


Reeves- Read & Review for Board "Important Updates Regarding Affordable Housing Comprehensive Permits under G.L. c. 40B dated 4/10/03 from Leonard Kopelman

PLANNING BOARD RULES @ Regulations- Flynn said he would bring s into the next meeting to be worked on.

Meeting Adjourned:            8:50pm

Next Meeting:                       May 14 @ 7:00pm  (Continuation of Morton Hearing)


Submitted By:                      Judith M. Jackson, Clerk                     Judy 566-8591