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Town of Hampden

Regular Meeting of Planning Board
7:00PM at the Hampden Town Hall
March 19, 2003

Approved April 9, 2003


Members Present:         John D. Flynn, Chair, Joseph A. Dolben, Melissa Reeves, Joseph Kruzel and Robert Majkut

All members were present and the meeting opened at 7PM with a review of the minutes of Feb.26. It was moved and seconded that the minutes be approved as written. All in favor.

Guest: Times reporter Doug Farmer was introduced to members, attended the full meeting.

(1 ) Appointment Scott Kertenis

Kertenenis submitted an ANR for- endorsement. Drawn by Sherman & Woods, it shows a small parcel A of 2,214 sq. ft. to be conveyed from his abutter, Dorothy Messier to be added on the southwesterly side of Glendale Rd. He has gotten a permit to tear down his burned residence and will rebuild. Plan was reviewed by the Board, then endorsed by the Chair.

(2) PURD - Braun project East Longmeadow Rd.

Flynn reported that after sending notices to members that he was meeting with Russ Braun on our regular meeting night last Wed., he and the Clerk met with Braun to hear his concerns about interpretations in the PURD Zoning. Braun had purchased an impressive flyover picture of the area from the PVPC. He has met with Bill Gruber, Stuart Beckley and Denis Supercynski to try to get a handle on figuring the "net developable area". He has a date on Apr. 9 to review his intent with the seniors at lunch. This is on the Special Town Meeting, and it's hoped that if the project is known and people realise that this vote is just a first step to enable him to proceed with the Special permitting process, it will shorten the time taken out of Town Meeting.

(3) EO 418  Housing Certification

Reeves reported that she met with Selectmen two weeks ago to present the amendment to the Housing Plan. The affordable house range is below 241,960, of which there were 5 built last year.

We need to have five built this year, but there is no penalty if we don't. Certification gives us extra points when grant money is applied for.  This application was signed by the Selectmen and will be submitted by the PVPC. It goes from July to July.

(4) LANTERN LANE - Update

Flynn was invited with short notice to a meeting arranged by Gale Candaras to discuss procedure for purchasing this area. The state would turn it over to Dept. of Environmental Management to use as a state park, however it isn't accessable for a state park. We thought it woul simply become open space, with monies being channeled into the Town to purchase it from Namyl. A new extension may be needed.

(5) PUBLIC HEARINGS scheduled for APRIL 9

Chair signed the Public Hearing notices and the transmittal to other Boards for review notices, and members were given material related to the hearings to review as well as being urged to view the sites where appropriate.

7:00 Russ Morton, Common Driveway Special Permit to allow endorsement of ANR creating Lots C &D out of B. South Rd. across from #15.

7:30 Sharon Barba- Home Occupation in an accessary building. (This has since been cancelled without prejudice as Clerk was able to stop publishing of notice)

8:00 Scott Humphries Common Driveway Special Permit - with Jack & Joyce Bethel, #77 Carmody Rd.

8:30 Warrant Articles - 24 and 25


The South Rd. parcel has been reviewed and Robin Warner is doing the report.


A copy of the "Notice of Intent and Stormwater Management Program for MS4 Discharges was received from Tighe & Bond with no cover letter. Selectmen had wanted to attend to discuss this, however they had anticipated a Mar. 26 regular meeting, and could not attend tonight.

Clerk copied p.3,4,5, 2-1, 2-2, 4-1 an 5-1 for the Board.

These pages had goals with the Planning Board named as the responsible party. * It was noted that the original booklet had two pages 5-5 and as these were both the same, it was considered a.copy error and will be pulled out.

In discussing getting started, Kruzel noted that he feels we should wait until our goals are accepted as they can be changed. He said we would be way down the list. At this time it was agreed to await the approval and a meeting will probably be set up under the charge of the Selectmen with all involved.


the Board reviewed the wording as submitted for curb cuts. Flynn said he had gotten a copy of a suggested permit from Denis Supercynski, PVPC, and would forward it to the Selectmen to review

(9) HOME OCCUPATION - Kitchen Food Service

Clerk asked the question if a person doing cooking in the home for catering etc. is a home occupation and should it go before this Board. It was reviewed and knowing that there are permits gained through the Bd. of Health, more review isn't seen as needed.

Meeting Adjourned: 8:30 PM


Next Meeting: April 9, 2003

Submitted By:          Judith M. Jackson, Clerk                      Judy 566-8591