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Town of Hampden

Regular Meeting of Planning Board
7:00PM at the Hampden Town Hall
February 26, 2003

Approved March 19, 2003


Members Present:         John D. Flynn, Chair, Joseph A. Dolben, Melissa Reeves, Joseph Kruzel and Robert Majkut

The meeting was called to order at 7:00pm by Chairman John D. Flynn. He called for a motion to approve the minutes of the previous meeting, February 12th.  Kruzel moved that the minutes be approved.  This was seconded by Reeves.  Vote to approve was unanimous.

Bill:       Clerk – 5 weeks to March 1st @ $13.76 = 76 Hrs        $1,032.00

            Endorsed by Chair


1)      Appointment 7:05pm – Russ Braun, OPUS Development Corp. – PURD for East Longmeadow Road Parcel

Braun previously met with the Board on December 11, 2002 to review his proposed idea of purchasing a 40-acre parcel on East Longmeadow Road for a 22-unit Planned Unit Residential Development (PURD for over age 54 residents).  He was told that to start the process he needed to get on the Warrant to gain Town Meeting approval.  He stated that he had run into problems with the seller and at our meeting on February 12th it was reported that he had gotten his Warrant Article to the Selectmen.  He has been put on the Special Town Meeting prior to the annual.  He will refine his presentation for the meeting.  Pioneer Valley Environmental will use tools to preliminarily determine where the wetlands are.  Bill Cannon of Easthampton will start a more formal site planning process.  Now that he has straightened things with the seller, he is ready to move ahead.

He went on to review sections of 7.13 with the Board.  He plans to cut out one 8-acre substandard frontage lot fronting on East Longmeadow Road.

The Planning Board said they will sponsor his application, but at this stage, cannot endorse it.  After the Town Meeting vote we can move ahead.

2)      Budget ’03 – 1% Reduction

The Board of Selectmen and Advisory Committee have requested that each department commit to a 1% reduction in spending in FY-03.  Reeves moved that we take #111 out of Expenses, leaving us with a FY-03 Expense Budget of $424.  Majkut seconded and the vote was unanimous that we meet the 1% request for the current year.

3)      Appointment 7:30pm – Russ Morton

Russ came in today to cancel his appointment.  He submitted a memo to the Town Clerk to withdraw his ANR for South Ridge Road – Lot 8 to be split into lots C & D.  Russ Morton applied today for a Special Permit for a waiver of the setback requirements to allow a single driveway to provide access to adjoining lots across the side lot line. (7.542).  The meeting will be scheduled for April 9th.  

4)      Appointment 7:45pm – Julie & John Fisher – 239 Allen Street (Map 16/40)

Home Occupation in a separate Building Use 6.12.

Fisher has an empty barn to the rear of his property and plans to set up a dog grooming operation with Julie, his daughter, as the only employee.  For now, she plans to operate only on Saturday.

She was given an application for a Special Permit and plans to apply with a Public Hearing scheduled for April 9th.  She brought in a sketch of the property called “Grand Prix Farms.”

5)      Appointment 8:00pm – Frank Cappacio – Pizza Shop – Main Street

Frank brought in a site plan showing parking areas.  This was given to him by the party renting the building.  Mark Feeney, building inspector, was present during the discussion and went to the site to see what parking was there.  He reported that there were lines; but much of the presently unused area was under snow.  It is agreed that for the present, he should start with take-out as parking is shared with the milk store.  He has spoken to Duane Mosier of the Board of Health and applied for a food establishment license.  He has not talked with the Board of Health agent, Glenn Riddle.

6)      Curb Cuts

Flynn has been researching how curb cuts are handled in other towns for the Selectmen, as it is on the Warrant for Town Meeting.  There was discussion regarding placing these requirements in the Town Bylaws or in the Zoning Bylaws.  The Board urged Flynn to take it off the Warrant, as it needs more review.  A fine structure is needed and the Highway Superintendent needs to be involved in the process.

7)      Ridgeline and Hillside – Update Gionetti – South Road

Flynn and the Committee met at the site with Gary Weiner and they have not as yet completed the report.  No problems are foreseen.

8)      PURD Application Form

The form needs to be changed at the very end where it states “requirements of Section 4.3.”  Should be “Section 7.13.”

9)      Stormwater Management

Kruzel reported that Sara had e-mailed the application for our review and he will comment back.

Meeting Adjourned:      9:12pm

Since Joe and Charlie will not be available on March 12th, there will be only one meeting in March – the 19th.

Submitted By:          Judith M. Jackson, Clerk                      Judy 566-8591