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Town of Hampden

Regular Meeting of Planning Board
7:00PM at the Hampden Town Hall
February 12, 2003

Approved February 26, 2003


Members Present:         John D. Flynn, Chair, Joseph A. Dolben, Melissa Reeves, Joseph Kruzel and Robert Majkut

The meeting was called to order at 7:00pm by Chair Flynn who then called for a review of the minutes.  Dolben stated approval of the minutes followed by a second by Kruzel.  The minutes were unanimously approved as read. 


1)      Meeting With Selectmen – Re:  Warrant Articles

Flynn and Kruzel attended.  This meeting was called to discuss the late submittal of Warrant Articles.  The question was asked by Selectmen, “If  we don’t approve your article for submittal, how will the Town be harmed?”  This was answered by the various persons present and our articles will appear on the warrant.

2)      Richard Patullo – Warrant Article – Re:  Section 4

Patullo came in to support Mark Casey in his sign discussion scheduled for 7:15pm, but being early asked if the Board would hear him out with his concerns re: Warrant Article involving non-conforming uses.  Dolben stated that he was the author of the revision, but was open to concerns, discussion and possible changes.  Patullo stated that the revision was much more restrictive on the homeowner and cited the recent case before the Board of Appeals as an example.  As Chair of the Board of Appeals, he noted that additions are usually designed in harmony with a particular neighborhood.  After discussion, it was decided to make an amendment to Section 4.3.2.

3)      Appointment 7:15pm – Mark Casey, Proprietor of Hampden Hardware and  Dick Patullo, Owner of 480 Main Street Building

Casey brought in a drawing of what he was looking for; but, as discussion ensued, he withdrew this and will consider a new concept – possibly a single sign structure to encompass the 13 offices and three storefronts.  They were in looking for guidance and will go to the Building Inspector with the next concept.  Feeney was present at the end of the discussion.  Casey had been to talk to Mark Feeney, Building Inspector, previously and his concept then did not fit the Bylaw.

4)      Ridgeline & Hillside Application – Thomas Gionetti  - Former Kibbe Lot   #3/South Rd.

Flynn said there would be a site inspection on Saturday and urged members to attend.  ECOTEC is doing the engineering work.

5)      Town Meeting - Warrant Article Re:  Driveways

Patullo had questioned the section “no more than 15% for the rest of the driveway,” and asked if we thought we could control that part of the driveway.  It was mentioned that the warrant would go before Town Counsel, and he would probably red flag it if he thought it wouldn’t pass the Attorney General.  Flynn said he would fax it to the AG’s office tomorrow to get an opinion.

            Public Hearing – Warrant Articles

            Date was set for the night of our first April meeting, April 9th, with advertising on March 24th and 31st.  We anticipate two Special Permit applications coming in and will try to use this date for those also.

6)      EO 418

Melissa updated the Board on the resubmittal of the Housing Plan.  The state requires each town to specify a number of affordable housing units built in a 3-year average.  ($241,000 and under).  She is working with the Assessor’s Office in updating.

7)      Appointment – Frank Cappaccio – Cumberland Farms Rental Unit

   20x60 For A Pizza Shop – 494 Main Street

Cappaccio said that Dairy Mart is leasing the whole building and in explaining that his use would be mainly take-out with a few chairs to accommodate persons waiting for pick up.  He had wanted tables should some decide to eat there; but, this would up the number of parking spaces needed; and, it doesn’t appear that were that to happen, there would be enough spaces.  The front row is shared with Dairy Mart.

Members said that this use appears workable and this Board would not hold him up if he revises his plan to show no tables and denote parking spaces.  Duane Mosier, from the Board of Health, was in the next office so Clerk introduced him to determine what would be needed from that Board.  Mosier was told that the Board sees no issues with the planned use.

8)      Warrant Article – Russ Braun – PURD, East Longmeadow Road

Braun submitted the Article wording to the Selectmen’s Office; but, when the Clerk called to get a copy, it wasn’t clear that the Article would be placed on the Warrant.  The Special Town Meeting was mentioned but it appears there is confusion by the Selectmen as to what is required of Braun at this time.  This is the beginning of the process, which if approved would by the Town for use of this area in this residential area for a PURD, would allow Braun to proceed with his request for a Special Permit.  Chair will speak with Karen, the Administrative Assistant tomorrow (2/13).

9)      Stormwater Management Meeting – January 27th – Selectmen’s Office

    Dolben, Flynn and Jackson attended and it was noted that there were no representatives from other Town bodies there.  Dave Partridge and Sara went over the revised application, touching all sections.  A Public Mailing will need to be done.  Flynn mentioned the Scantic Scribe.  No future meeting date was given.

10)    ANR

Submitted by Russ Morton and filed with the Town Clerk today. 

South Ridge RoadLot 2B split into Lots 2C and 2D.  The Board is familiar with these lots and could not endorse, as there is enough frontage; however, one of the lots does not have access due to ledge outcroppings.  A common driveway is shown, however, this requires a Special Permit which at this time has not been applied for. 

We have 29 days in which to turn it down; however, he will be given the chance to withdraw.

Meeting Adjourned:      9:45pm

Next Meeting:               February 26, 2003 at 7:00pm

                                    Note:  Joe & Charlie will not attend on March 12th

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                                    Judith M. Jackson, Clerk                      Judy 566-8591