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Town of Hampden

Regular Meeting of Planning Board
7:00PM at the Hampden Town Hall
November 13, 2002

Approved December 11, 2002


Members Present:         Chair John D. Flynn, Joseph A. “Charlie” Dolben, Joe Kruzel, Melissa Reeves, Robert Majkut




The Board met in the auditorium to hear the petition of Raymond Kibbe, Jr. who has made application for a Special Permit to allow the building of a single family home on an R-6 lot located as Lot #3 South Road having 8± acres and a substandard frontage of 60’.

Following the Chairman’s reading of the public notice, introduction of members and explanation of the powers and procedure under which the hearing would be conducted, Mr. Kibbe explained his intent to sell this lot to a Thomas Gionetti, who was not present, for a single family home.  An abutter, Mike Gerrard, who is married to Ray Kibbe’s sister and lives at #296 South Road, was present and said his was centered on his lot.  Mr. Kibbe stated that the owner plans to purchase Lot 3A back land from Ray Kibbe, Sr. to add to this parcel in the future.  He said he wants to clear-cut 3 acres for a view.  He will need to apply to the Ridgeline & Hillside Committee.  Ray Kibbe, Sr. said although there is a stream on the parcel, the back land is dry.  Bonnie Geromimi from the Conservation Commission was present and said that a cease and desist had been issued as the potential buyer had gone in and logged, crossing a stream and putting in a culvert without permission.  He will need to fix the problem and has hired ECOTEC to do the wetland portion but it is estimated that will not be until the spring.

Flynn asked Geromini if there were any problems with the guidelines of this lot dimensionally and she said “no.”  The Board voted 5 – 0 to approve the Special Permit under Zoning Bylaw Section 7.2.4.  The decision will be typed and a copy sent to the petitioner at the time of filing with the Town Clerk. 


Adjourned:  7:35pm



 Returned to meeting room for regular meeting.

 Chair called for a motion to approve the minutes of the previous meeting on October 23rd.  Minutes were approved as read.

 Chair endorsed three Special Permits – Valentine Decisions.

 Chair endorsed bill for Clerk – 5 Weeks @ $1,032.00 - $75.00


OCCUPATION - Use 6.11 §7.121 - Polci brought in a letter stating her intent to open a mortgage company in her home.  She will have no other employees and will have little need for parking.  She will work on a computer and bank people will stop by as well as persons who need to fill out forms.  There are already 4 parking spaces as well as 1 handicapped space from the former use.  Her sign appears too large, and she will go next door to meet with Mark Feeney, the Building Inspector.  The members voted unanimously (5-0) to approve this use.

2)         RAY KIBBE, SR. – Mr. Kibbe had spilled something on the Bylaw formerly signed by the board (9/25/02) and brought a new identical one in for endorsement.

3)         HAMPDEN LAND TRUST – This group was meeting tonight and Robert Warner came in to request a copy of the Town Survey completed at the time prior to the zone bylaw change.  It was needed to help them in preparing for the Labodyz Parcel Funding.  Clerk provided the book, which was returned later in the evening.


Russ reported that everything is finished.  The trees are in and he wave the Board warranty, which will be given to DPW Superintendent, Dana Pixley.  Dana reported to John that the trees are done and the pavement patch completed.  Sherman & Woods will send a new set of plans and the easements will be added to the description.

The Board agreed to send a letter to Selectmen to report that Russ has complied with the check list and they can go ahead with the Registry recording of South Ridge Road as a town street.

5)         RIDGELINE & HILLSIDE – John spoke with State Forester Carmine Angeloni who said Channel 60 does not supercede home rule.  Whoever qualifies for Ridgeline is not exempt by filing a forestry plan.

Flynn told Russ Morton that any future lot sold on South Ridge Road needs to go through R & H application and buyers should be told they cannot clear until this has been done.

            STAFFORD ROAD – Lori Ratchford & Carl Perella

Much time was spent reviewing the revised 11/6/02 plan showing the location of the house.  The drainage does not have detail and the 1% grade for 20’ has not been met.  An 8% grade cannot come onto the road.  The Fire Dept. was o.k. with the banking of the slope as well as the 24% grade.  Turnberg is the excavation person.  Donnie Smith is the surveyor drawing the plan, however, Parella needs an engineer to try to meet the code.

Parella said he is out of money and needs a building permit to get funding.  The Building Inspector stopped in and said he needs a building plan that conforms to the Bylaw to give a permit.  Later he must conform to the plan if he is to receive a c/o.  He will have Bob Caffarelli engineer a plan and give assurances that he will comply.



The Police Department responded seeing no issues with the proposal.  Since the 45-day review period will be up before the next meeting, the Board voted unanimously (5-0) to approve the preliminary plan to allow the developer to proceed to the next step.  Clerk will file a Certificate of Approval with the Town Clerk.

8)         126 STEEPLEVIEW DRIVE – Fence Around Stormwater Drainage Area

The O’Connor’s met with the Board on 9/25/02 to discuss this area and were told to discuss any plans for this area with DPW Superintendant Pixley.  They have put up a fence around the area with no seen access and Dana reported to Flynn that it had not been reviewed with him.  It is noted that it is a quality job, but the issue of Town access needs to be cleared up.  Clerk will send a letter and ask their intent.  We do not have their phone number or Chair would have handled it by calling.


EO.418:          Melissa reported that the housing plan was approved and amended.  Kathy Kroll is doing the work and we will get certification.

CPA:               Flynn reported that we received 100% matching of last year’s funds and the assessors met with them to show how it works.

Next Meeting:                        Wednesday, December 11, 2002 @ 7:00pm

Meeting Adjourned:               9:15pm

Submitted By:     Judith M. Jackson, Clerk