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Town of Hampden

Regular Meeting of Planning Board
7:00PM at the Hampden Town Hall
October 23, 2002

Approved:  November 13, 2002


Members Present:         Chair John D. Flynn, Joseph A. “Charlie” Dolben, Melissa Reeves, Robert Majkut

Member Absent:           Joseph Kruzel



Thresher Road

The Public Hearing was opened at 7:00pm with nobody in attendance to hear the presentation.  Gary Weiner of ECOTEC used a three-page set of drawings to explain the three requests for Special Permit.  A “Compliance Table” placed on the plans for both lots 101 and 102 determined that the lots shown with substandard frontage fit the requirements of Bylaw Section 7.2.4.  In reviewing the common driveway, the use shown is favorable due to the proximity of the wetlands.

Each Special Permit was moved, seconded and approved by the four members present:

            Case 2002-5    Lot 102            Special Permit to Build
            Case 2002-6    Lot 101            Special Permit to Build
            Case 2002-7                            Special Permit to Use a Common Driveway to service Lots 101 and 102.


Hearing adjourned:       7:20pm

After the hearing adjourned, it was learned that Mrs. Lena Camerota and her son Nicholas, who own the land across from the Valentine - Thresher Road parcels, were sitting in the office waiting for the Public Hearing.  Chair and Gary Weiner went over the materials presented to her satisfaction.





1)                  Minutes of October 9 were accepted with two corrections

Item 1:  Mountain Road Extension – Dolben has recussed himself from Board action on this proposal as he is an abutter across the street from the Kibbe property.  This was noted by Clerk as Item 6 on the Agenda for tonight and is deleted.

Item 2:  The last sentence of Item 4 Parella / Ratchford lot.  Delete the words  “The state lot” and substitute the words, “Case law.”

The minutes were accepted with corrections as noted.

Bill:  Endorsed by Chair for Month of October – 4 Weeks

         60 Hours @ $13.76 Per Hour = $825.60 

2)                  Appointment – Dan O’Brien and Ed Speight


A Form B “Application for Approval of Preliminary Plan” was filed with the Town Clerk and a fee of $165.00 was paid.  The Board has 45 days to review this plan.

There are 23 new lots with the 24th lot being the existing house on the plan numbered as #164 Somers Road.  Speight said he is a slow builder and will build 4 or 5 a year – doing the street in phases.  His price range will be $275 to $325 depending on what is wanted by the buyer.

Clerk will transmit the plan to the Board of Health and approval will be needed by December 6, 2002.  Since the Board is only meeting once in  November, a Special Meeting may need to be set for December 4th to act on this.

3)                  MOUNTAIN ROAD – UPDATE

In reviewing the latest plan showing a traveled way of 1435’ right to the Hampden Town Line, Dana Pixley, highway superintendent, has said that he doesn’t want additional street.  The reason to add this was that Kibbe wanted more frontage for a lot facing this section.  Gary Weiner pointed out that the road doesn’t need to go to the Town Line, as Mountain Road can still be used as frontage with only part of it as improved.  There just needs to be access to the lot.  The plan that will be used is the 6/21/02 revision of 1156’ along the traveled way.

4)                  SOUTH RIDGE ROAD

Approval for acceptance was voted at the October 21st Special Town Meeting.  Antonio da Cruz did an inspection October 21st and listed what needs finishing or correcting.  Chair will draft a letter to Russ Morton stating our understanding of what needs to be cleaned up before we notify the Selectmen to take the street.

Morton was invited to this meeting but could not attend and made an appointment for the November 13th meeting at 8:00pm.

5)                  AMES ROAD – LOT 6  #111

John Angelica had been in to see the Building Inspector and was not certain if he was in Ridgeline & Hillside.  He is next to the Harris property and does not plan to cut many trees, but needs to clear to get equipment in for a well and septic.  Flynn said to call his engineer, Sherman & Woods, to determine if his elevation is 600’ or more above sea level. (6.1032.C)  If he is, he will pick up a Ridgeline & Hillside application in the Town Clerk’s office and submit.

6)                  RIDGELINE & HILLSIDE – Parella / Ratchford Lot – Stafford Road

Parella submitted a driveway plan, but there isn’t enough information to go by re: run-off and slope of driveway width.  He was urged to go back to Smith Assoc. for more information.  The driveway as drawn is not up to code.

7)                  331 NORTH ROAD  - Barbeau Driveway Issue

Clerk reported that Mr. Barbeau did not attend the agreed to continuation of the hearing meeting on Tuesday, October 22nd so he was turned down for the requested variance.  Building Inspector Feeney was there to update the Board and stated that Mr. Barbeau plans to conform.

8)                  MEMBER PROJECTS – Driveways

Majkut had some suggested revisions that the Board went over.  Flynn received a booklet from Dennis Supersynski of the PVPC re: curb cuts, and Majkut took it to review.


Meeting Adjourned:      8:35pm

Next Meeting:     November 13, 2002 at 7:00pm

Submitted By:     Judith M. Jackson, Clerk