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Town of Hampden

Regular Meeting of Planning Board
7:00PM at the Hampden Town Hall
October 9, 2002

Approved:  October 23, 2002


The meeting was called to order at 7:10pm.

Present:            Chair John D. Flynn, Melissa Reeves, Charlie Dolben

Absent: Joseph Kruzel, (called to say he would not attend), Robert Majkut



Mr. Kibbe filed with the Town Clerk on October 4th and paid the required $75.00.  He brought in three more sets of plans tonight for the Clerk to use in filing with other Boards for review.  It was noted that the newly signed ANR showing a parcel 3A is not as yet added to this lot.  Mr. Kibbe, Sr. said that this lot is owned by his son and parcel 3A will be sold to the proposed buy, Thomas Gionetti.  Clerk will advertise and the hearing will be at the November 13th meeting at 7:00pm.

2)                  #62 SOMERS ROAD – KIBBE PARCEL

This parcel is being looked at by a farm group as the Town continues to look at exersisng its right of first refusal.  Dan O’Brien looks toward submitting a preliminary at the October 23rd meeting.  This is for developer, Ed Speight, who will purchase the parcel if the Town doesn’t.

3)                  TOWN MEETING

Flynn attended the Advisory Committee Hearing last Monday and reported to the Board.  All were surprised to see that there is a warrant article re: Highland Circle Cul de Sac.  There is a bit of additional land that had been in Land Court and is being added to the cul de sac.  This was originally taken on the November 13, 2002 Special Town Meeting.  Flynn received a copy of the September 30, 2002 letter to Karen Desmarias, Executive Secretary to the Selectmen.


John had reported that at this time it is not expected the subdivision will be on the warrant.  Dana has not seen any trees planted, the full taxes are not paid and Tony da Cruz has not been asked to do a final inspection regarding the improvements noted in his September 24, 2002 “Inspection Report.”  The “As Built” plans have not been reviewed, awaiting Morton’s notice that he believes all to be complete.

4)                  Hillside & Ridgeline 

Parella / Ratchford Lot – Stafford Road

John met with Jim Moriarty of his committee before the meeting to review the site plan for the proposed driveway as prepared by Don Smith of Smith Assoc.  They are inclined to grant the proposal with a list of conditions covering erosion, water control, road washout issues and public safety vehicular issues.  The driveway needs to be pitched toward the hill.  As yet, he hasn’t submitted anything to cover these issues.  In discussing how we could avoid this type of lot in the future, Dolben pointed out that the ANR allowing the lot sale should not be endorsed if access is clearly not attainable.  Case Law allows the Board to refuse this lot due to lack of safe access.

Bennett Road – H. House Lot

He is on the Fire Dept. so is aware of needs regarding emergency equipment.  There will be a very long driveway with huge boulders on the property; but it is fairly straight accord to Flynn, who walked the property.

Mountain Road Extension – Priscilla Kibbe’s Property

The owner had ECOTEC redraw the cul de sac to a distance of 1435’ to allow more frontage along the traveled way.  Chair had discussed it with Highway Superintendent, Dana Pixley and he wasn’t certain that this would work for him regarding plowing and slope issues.  Chair said the end approval is up to Dana as it is his road.  Dolben offered to speak with Priscilla Kibbe and note the concerns as a neighbor.

5)                  MEMBER PROJECTS

EO 418 – Melissa reported that the Selectman signed off on the housing plan.

Zoning ByLaw Paragraphs 4.3 Through 4.5 Replacement – The Board again discussed the revisions as being prepared by Dolben for submittal at the April Town Meet.

Town Meeting: October 21, 2002 at 7:00pm

Next Meeting:               October 23, 2002 – Valentine Public Hearing – 7:00pm

Meeting Adjourned:      8:00pm

Submitted by:    Judith M. Jackson, Clerk