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Town of Hampden

Regular Meeting of Planning Board
7:00PM at the Hampden Town Hall
September 25, 2002

Approved:  October 9, 2002


 Members Present:         John D. Flynn, Chair, Joseph A. “Charlie” Dolben, Melissa Reeves, Robert Majkut, Joseph Kruzel

The meeting was called to order at 7:05pm with all members present by 7:10pm.  The minutes of September 11, 2002 were accepted as read.

Bill:      Clerk:  Approved for Month of September – 60 Hours @ $13.75 = $825.60

1)         Appointment:  Claude Chabot – 36 Allen Street – ANR Endorsement

This was a continuation of the September 11th business whereby Mr. Chabot was asked to have his engineer redraw his proposed house location so as to meet the 35’ side setback.  The Conservation Committee minutes of September 9th regarding this lot were reviewed.  The plan showing the two lots to be separated was endorsed by the Chair.

            Lot 8R shows 2.84 ac. With divided frontage of 170’ and 40.80 Feet for the driveway.

            Lot 7R shows the existing house and pool – 40,148sf and 180’ frontage

2)         Appointment:  Gary Weiner - ECOTEC

Also attending was Realtor Barbara Flebotte who is handling the Valentine property.

Weiner said they are requesting three Special Permits.  Two Estate Lots fronting on Thresher Road and a Common Driveway to serve the two lots: 101 and 102.  These will also go before the Conservation Commission.  Shown is an easement next to the driveway for running equipment in.

A hearing will be scheduled for October 23rd with advertising to be published on October 7th and 14th.  Special Permits are $75.00 each.  Weiner will submit the fee and the abutters list.

3)         Appointment:  Ray Kibbe – ANR, South Road

Mr. Kibbe brought in a plan prepared by Sherman & Woods to be reviewed for ANR endorsement.  It shows Lot #3, a substandard frontage “estate lot” endorsed in 1998 with an additional parcel 3A to be added to the lot making a total of 12± acres.  Also shown is Lot #4 with the required 200’ frontage and 5 acres.  Members unanimously voted to allow Chair to endorse the plan.

4)         Appointment:  Russ Morton – Re: South Ridge Estates

An inspection was done on September 23rd by Antonio da Cruz.  Morton went over the items with the Board.  He has discussed the trees with Dana Pixley.  He has a Certificate of Compliance from the Conservation Commission.  Flynn said that all we could consider is the Town Engineer’s review, but there is an unpaid tax issue that must be satisfied if the Town is to take action to approve this street at a Town Meeting.

5)         Appointment:   Dan O’Brien and Priscilla Kibbe – Re: Mountain Road

Dan has been designing lots for Ms. Kibbe and had some questions to discuss with the Board.  The frontage does not go to the Town line as the cul de sac stops before this.  O’Brien may redesign for a longer street after determining why ECOTEC designed it before the Town Line.  If it is moved, he can gain frontage for a lot.  Dolben pointed out that this is an issue for the Highway Dept. as this street is not under our control.

 Dan O’Brien and Developer Ed Speight – Somers Road

O’Brien brought in a conceptual drawing for a 30 lot subdivision on the Kibbe parcel between Martin Farm Road and Colony Drive.  The road distance was reviewed.  There was a street cut in from Martin Farm Road, shown as a dead end, and they were told this could not be allowed under the regulations.  This property needs to be released from Ch. 61 before it can actually be purchased.


6)         Greg & Jennifer O’Connor – 126 Steepleview Drive – Detention Pond

There is a detention pond easement on this lot and Billy Bond reportedly went in to do required work and was stopped from entering the property.  They didn’t think anything would be done as it hadn’t been done when they purchased the property.  They did say that they knew about it and they don’t want to compromise the functioning for the subdivision.  It takes a long time for the water to filtrate out.  They had looked at putting up a fence or possibly redesigning it into a fountain type garden at their own expense.  They feel it looks awful.  Flynn said it needs to be fixed for now and they can let Bond in wherever they want so he can get the work done.  If they plan to re-engineer, they will have to consult with the Town Engineer.  The developer, Michael Cimmino, is obligated to do the work.  Greg will talk to him.

7)         Carl Perella – Stafford Road Lot – Ridgeline & Hillside

Parella said that the previous owner had stripped the land.  He will see if the abutter, St. Germain, will sell him more land.  The entrance isn’t even close to regulations.  Parella stumped it and moved boulders.  Glenn Riddle will go out again to look at the septic placement.  Perella has had Smith Assoc. do a topo map.

8)         Member Project – EO 418 – (Melissa)

Melissa met with the Selectmen regarding the housing plan.  This will aid in getting grants approved.

            Member Project – CPA Board

Flynn reported that they were hesitant to commit monies to purchase of the Labodyz parcel.

            Member Project – Building Permit Procedure

The Board reviewed the additionally drafted parts but still feel curb cuts should be required.  There also needs to be a place where these items are required, probably as part of the Town’s General Bylaw.

Next Meeting:                                       October 9, 2002 @ 7pm

Public Hearing – Re:     Valentine          October 23, 2002

Meeting Adjourned: 9:30pm

 Submitted by:    Judith M. Jackson, Clerk