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Town of Hampden

Regular Meeting of Planning Board
7:00PM at the Hampden Town Hall
September 11, 2002

Approved:  September 25, 2002


 Members Present:         John D. Flynn, Chair, Joseph A. “Charlie” Dolben, Melissa Reeves, Robert Majkut

Member Absent:           Joseph Kruzel

 The meeting was called to order at 7pm.  A motion was called to approve the minutes of the previous August 28th meeting.  The minutes were approved as read.

 1)                  Memo Re:  Dept. Meeting September 19 at 9am.  Nobody except the Clerk is able to attend and Clerk is urged to again make the request that a meeting be set for the evening.

 Board of Appeals Public Hearing Is Set For Tuesday, September 24 at 7:30 to hear Joseph Barbeau’s request for a driveway variance at the site of his new residence - #331 North Road.

 2)                  South Ridge Estates – October 21st Town Meeting

Russ Morton called to cancel his appointment with the Board tonight and asked to be rescheduled for September 25th at 8pm.  He said he has called Tony DaCruz for an inspection before that date and will get confirmation from the Tax Collector when he pays his taxes.  Flynn said we need to get confirmation from the Con. Comm. that they have no more issues with the subdivision.

 3)                  Appointment 7:20pm – Claude Chabot – 36 Allen Street

Chabot brought in a “Preliminary Plan” drawn by Smith Associates, showing a house he intends to build on Lot 8 when it is joined with his barn to the rear of Lot 7 to create a new home for his parents.  He has been to the Conservation Commission last Monday and they state that he can build.  In checking the intended lot with the new house plan, it looks as if the house needs to be moved or a line needs to be changed to meet the 35’ side setback.  He will have it redrawn and come back on September 25th at 7:05pm for ANR “look-see.”  The board requested that he have the new house outlived showing his intent to make the accessory building accessory to the new house.

 4)                  Appointment 7:45pm – Michael Avdoulas – Wietecha Lot 2, Scantic Road

Due to ledge on the parcel, the house needs to be pushed back into the 100’ buffer area, so Avdoulas needs to add more land in his area, which he has.  He has not had the plan drawn up as yet, as he needed the Board’s approval, since this went through the Special Permit process.  Flynn noted that he is not changing the intent of the lot in granting this little piece be added in an ANR plan in order to conform to the 100’ due to ledge.  He will have the plan drawn up to file with the Town Clerk for the next meeting.

 Flynn discussed the fact that Avdoulas has been in his home since about years ago and still has not paved his apron onto Scantic Road.  Avdoulas said he would be paving soon.

 5)                  Walnut Road – Land Tangent On Walnut Road – Cul-De-Sac

Tony Mazarino has had EcoTEC looking at his land, 13 acres formerly owned by Sullivan and wants to know what he can do with it.  Flynn had called Gary Weiner only to learn that his Dad had just died, so the call will have to wait.  The lot attaches the Labodyz parcel.  There is no real frontage.

 6)                  Lot 8/6-5 Stafford Road – Lori Ratchford / Carl Perella

This lot and clearing being done on it have been a recent cause of concern to Town departments.  A September 5 letter from Dana Pixley noted a hazardous driveway being put in by Ed Turnberg.  Also of concern to Pixley was the septic plan, which was approved by Glenn Riddle.  It is adjacent to and perhaps in the Town’s right-of-way.  Since no application had been made to the Ridgeline & Hillside, a Violation Notice was sent to the Selectmen, who asked Mark Feeney to look into it.  Feeney got the notice tonight and called the Real Estate person, Carl Perella, who plans to live with Ratchford here when the house is build.  Perella and Rachford responded by coming right down.  Perella said he had told Rocky Mountain to clear the lot and nothing was mentioned about this Town’s Ridgeline & Hillside Bylaw.  They were told that when the previous owner split the lot into Lots 7 and this Lot 8, they were told that there was no guarantee that it would be a “building lot.”  Perella stated that the owner told him it was an approved building lot.  The Board stated that in looking at the lot, it does not have adequate access, and in order to make it buildable, it takes meeting the challenge to make it accessible, starting with application to the Ridgeline & Hillside and a creative engineer.

 7)                  Member Projects

Driveways – Majkut updated the Board on issues he is looking into.  Dolben reported that Dana Pixley does not want to be responsible for inspecting curb cuts, as there is no budget for it.  Monson charges $150.00 for an inspection and this goes into the pocket of the person hired to do it.  This is a problem to be solved by the Selectmen.  We can put this in a Bylaw and have it in place when needed.  A common driveway needs to be built to a higher standard than a single driveway and due to the special permit required, we have greater control.  There could be a Bylaw requiring a distance of 40’ for any driveway from the intersection.

 We have a Bylaw requiring a “Driveway Permit Application” and to date there is no such form and it is not part of the Building Permit Procedure Form.  Denis Supersynski of the PVPC has one to let us review.

 Section 4 – Dolben spoke with Don Schmidt and has come up with a separate Bylaw for Non-Conforming Uses, and Non-Conforming structures and related statements.  These were discussed briefly with Mark Feeney and it appears Dolben is on the right track.  This will not be on the fall warrant.

 EO 418 – Melissa needs to meet with the Selectmen, but they have moved their meeting nights to Tuesday and she cannot get free on Tuesday.


Meeting Adjourned:    9:30pm

 Next Meeting:     September 25th @ 7:00pm

 Submitted by:    Judith M. Jackson, Clerk