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Town of Hampden

Regular Meeting of Planning Board
7:00PM at the Hampden Town Hall
August 28, 2002

Approved:  September 11, 2002


Members Present:  John D. Flynn, Chair –  Joseph A. “Charlie” Dolben, Robert Majkut, Melissa Reeves, Joseph Kruzel

The meeting was called to order at 7:00pm.  A motion was called to approve the minutes of the previous meeting on August 14th.  After discussion of several items, the minutes were approved as read.

Bill:      Voucher for Clerk:  5 Weeks – 75 Hours @ 13.76 = $1,032.00

1)         SOMERS ROAD – Property of Robert and Joan Kibbe on Westerly Side

August 22nd request to be removed from Ch. 61A & 14 from Attorney Julie A. Dialessi of Bacon & Wilson.   The Board traditionally makes a recommendation to the Selectmen, who have 120 days to option their right of first refusal.  The parcel is being sold at $510,000.00 on October 10th for building lots.

The Board determined that there is a limited access, a pond and pipeline on the parcel and it could be put to a municipal use but isn’t a good preservation piece.  We will recommend that there are better alternatives for spending this type of money and we will recommend removal from 61A to allow the parcel to be sold.

2)         NAMYL, LLC – Lantern Lane Subdivision - Request for 1-Year Extension

The board received a letter dated August 21st from Attorney Mark Mason, representing Lyman Wood, requesting a one-year extension of the plan approval.  This was followed up by a phone call to Chair as to why no action had been taken.  Chair explained that there had not been a meeting since receiving the letter

The board briefly discussed the reason for the extension request and felt it was reasonable.  The Governor has signed off on the budget including $300,000 line-item for the purchase of this land.  The extension was requested, “to ensure allocation of funds.”

A motion was made and seconded that the Board extend the date of expiration of approval from February 10, 2003 to February 10, 2004 – a period of one year.  All voted in favor of this action.  Clerk will prepare the letter.

3)         AVDOULAS “ESTATE LOT” – Scantic Road #2B

At the previous meeting, Majkut had noticed that the driveway had been started and this Board had not seen a plan.  Chair contacted Building Inspector Feeney, Fire Chief Hatch and Avdoulas left a copy of the “Driveway Plan & Attachment to Wetlands Notice of Intent” to be reviewed.  Plan shows culvert detail and 25’ min. undisturbed buffer dated June 11, 2002 and revised by Mike Mocko on June 20th and July 8th.  Members reviewed the plan.  Dolben commented that it is a fallacy to believe the philosophy that “estate lots” prevent large lots from becoming streets as this lot could never have become a street.

4)         HAMPDEN LAND PROJECT – Labodyz Parcel – Minnechaug Mountain

Sherry Himmelstein would like a letter of support from this Board in the process of trying to take this property for land preservation purposes.  They are applying for a state grant, CPA monies, Conservation Fund monies and private funds.

After discussion of what is known about this property, especially since we have seen potential developers come, look and go away, it seems like a good piece to preserve.

It was moved and seconded to endorse approval of this effort and a letter will be drafted.

5)         DUNKIN DONUTS – Missing Bike Rack

School is open and the proposed bike rack has not been installed and it looks as if this has been dropped.  Flynn called Gary Weiner, project engineer, and he will look into it.  If no action is seen soon, the Chair was given permission by the members to send a “firm” letter to the owner of the Mall stating that the bike rack was part of the approval given in allowing Dunkin’ Donuts to open.

6)         Member Project – DRIVEWAYS – (Majkut)

CURB CUT – Should there be a fee?  DPW would set fee.  Should there be a driveway cut application, which would include all the regulations and allow an approval process?  Procedure needs to be set step by step.  Should there be a minimum distance between driveways?  Our current Bylaw needs streamlining and should 7.5 become the standard driveway Bylaw?  Majkut will meet with Peter Hatch, Fire Chief, who has suggestions he would like to include.  It was not determined if these are proper in the Zoning Bylaw, but where else could it go?  Majkut will determine where other Towns put their Bylaws covering driveways.

7)         Member Project – STORM WATER – (Kruzel)

Kruzel reported that there have been no meetings, nothing formal has been formed.  He felt the Town should be getting more information from the State and determine if we are exempt.  We have no industry.

8)         Member Project – EO 418 – (Melissa)

Melissa was given the materials, which were on the August 14th agenda.  The Board will need to discuss this before we can go forward.

9)         Selectmen’s Meeting – August 26thDRIVEWAY ISSUE

Flynn and Dolben attended a meeting with Mark Feeney and Joseph Barbeau, who is building a home at 331 North Road.  He has been denied an occupancy permit, as his driveway does not conform.  Flynn said he could either make his driveway conform or go to the Board of Appeals to either appeal the Building Inspector’s action or request a variance.

Meeting Adjourned: 9:00PM

Next Meeting:               September 11, 2002

Submitted by:   Judith M. Jackson, Clerk