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Town of Hampden

Regular Meeting of Planning Board
7:00PM at the Hampden Town Hall
August 14, 2002

Approved:  August 28, 2002


Members Present:  John D. Flynn, Chair –  Joseph A. “Charlie” Dolben and Robert Majkut (Arriving 7:10pm)

Members Absent:         Melissa Reeves, Joseph Kruzel

The meeting was called to order at 7:05pm awaiting a quorum.  The discussion with Jim Kibbe started as general conversation until Majkut arrived to provide the quorum.

1)         Dorothy and James Kibbe – Earth Removal  -  (Appointment 7:10pm)

Kibbe has an appointment before the Board of Appeals at 7:15pm on August 27 to revew his special permit to remove gravel at his 229 Somers Road operation.  He drew in the line of activity as of 8/12 on the Lewis & Cook Surveyors May 24, 1989 Plot Plan that has been used to show progress since the inception of the Gravel Removal Operation in 1990.  He also submitted his “Land Improvement Report,”a copy of which will be submitted to the Board of Appeals, at the meeting.  He has a new operator and activity has increased to two trucks a day.  The Building Inspector submitted his monthly reports denoting:  “Everything in good shape.”

            Flynn stated that in speaking to member Kruzel today, he saw no problem with the operation.  The members present voted to offer favorable action to the Board of Appeals on Mr. Kibbe’s request for renewal of his special permit to remove Gravel.

2)         Hampden Land Trust Discussion

Dorothy Kibbe had come to the meeting as she had thought Sherry Himmelstein would be present to discuss the purchase of the Labodycz property on Minnechaug Mountain.  The only information this Board has is from reading the Conservation Commission’s minutes that a grant was being prepared.  Himmelstein has asked Chair for a letter of support, however, it was decided that there wasn’t enough information at this time to create a letter.  Dorothy Kibbe did say that the Kibbe’s would not be granting a developer a second access to allow development of the parcel.

3)         Minutes  -  Meeting of July 24th

            Minutes were approved (3-0) as submitted

4)         Driveway Concerns

            Majkut noted that Avdoulas has started a driveway to the newly approved lot 2A on Scantic Road.  He reminded the Board that the plan was to be reviewed by the Planning Board and the Fire Chief before a building permit was to be issued.  He also noted that damage was being done to the street - probably due to the clearing operation.  Flynn will talk to the Fire Chief tonight and get ahold of Mark Feeney, Building Inspector.

Majkut was also noting a lot on Stafford Road that had been clear-cut and would create run-off issues.  Flynn will look into it.  Majkut noted that he has been away on vacation and has not update on his Member Project – Driveways.

5)         Member Projects

Section 4 – Non-Conforming Use:    Update – Charlie

Dolben noted that he has prepared a draft, but isn’t satisfied with it and will bring it to the next meeting.

There was a discussion about 4.5 Fire Restoration, which was dropped from the Bylaw in 1978.  Don Schmidt had noted that our bylaw was vague about rebuilding after a fire and that it should be called out as a special permit.  40A Section 3 allows for a temporary mobile home when a residence is destroyed by fire for a period of 12 months while it is being rebuilt.

6)         EO 418

            Members were given copies of materials submitted regarding the “Sub regional Housing Plan” which is already on file with the DHCD.  Also received were materials regarding the Housing Certification Request.

Meeting was adjourned at this point as Dolben was recuperating from an operation and was in attendance mainly to cover the Kibbe issue.

Next Meeting:  August 28, 2002

Meeting Adjourned:  

Submitted by:   Judith M. Jackson, Clerk