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Town of Hampden

Regular Meeting of Planning Board
7:00PM at the Hampden Town Hall
July 24, 2002

Approved:  August 14, 2002


Members Present:  John D. Flynn, Chair – Melissa Reeves, Robert Majkut, Joseph Kruzel and Joseph A. “Charlie” Dolben (Arriving 7:10pm)

1)         The meeting was called to order at 7pm by Chair Flynn.  He called for a motion to approve the minutes of the previous meeting of July 10th.  Joe Kruzel moved to approve.  This was seconded and the minutes were accepted 4-0.

2)         ANR Michael D-Amours (Appointment 7:05)  Two lots on Allen Street to be cut off of 255 Allen Street Westerly Side

The lots were prepared by Sherman & Woods  Both lots are standard R-4 lots and leave more than adequate frontage to the existing house and lot.  Lots are A-1 and A-2.  Kruzel motioned to approve the plot plan as shown.  This was seconded and the vote was 4-0 to approve with the Chair endorsing the plan.

3)         Ridgeline & Hillside Application for Review

Barbara & Douglass Stoll, Lot 6A Bennett Road   R-6
73 Barrett Street (6194), Northampton, MA  01060

Flynn reported that there were no issues.  They are well inside the Conservation Line and are clearing for the house and solat exposure.  They will notify the fire chief to review prior to the occupancy permit being granted.  Clerk will mail the final checklist to the applicant.

4)         Lantern Lane

A copy of a letter sent to Selectmen from Town Counsel, Dave Martel updated the town on Namyl’s plans to forego development if he can regain his costs of $300,000.00.  A grant can be applied for by both towns to purchase the land for conservation purposes.  Wood indicated that he would be willing to pay for the grant writer to obtain state funds, and needs some indication that the Board of Selectman would be willing to go forward with the state application and the Planning Board would be willing to grant an extended approval of one year from February 10, 2003 to February 10, 2004.

Flynn said Martel had called him to report that Namyl’s attorney, Mark Mason, had called Martel about this issue and Flynn had stated that he saw no reason not to grant the extension.  The land needs value in order to gain the grant.  Selectman Mosier stopped by during the discussion of this issue and said it would be further discussed with Dave Martel, who will be attending Monday’s Selectman’s meeting.

5)         Chapter 30B – Procurement Procedures

Clerk attended the July 11 morning meeting set up by the Selectmen to gain insight into the process.  Most of our limited purchases would come under the “Best Professional Judgment” category.  Kruzel and Majkut indicated they are familiar with the procedures.  Jim Mazik of PVPC was the presenter and Clerk received many handouts for the file.  Chair said he would like to Selectmen to schedule an evening meeting so more could attend.

6)         ANR – Claude Chabot – 36 Allen Street (8:00pm Appt.)

Plan of land to divide lots 7 and 8 into red vided lots which would leave the home as one lot and a business garage on the other lot to be owned by “Chabot Concrete.”  The business use of the barn and carport for two trucks was accessory to the house.  When lots were purchased, lots had wetland areas and two lots were sold to person who needed to park business trucks out of sight.  The barn was built and there have been no problems in the area.

The Board discussed the problem that would be created for the use if it were to be left on a lot separate from the house.

Chabot decided to give his options further review and for now has withdrawn his ANR.  The Town Clerk will be notified of this action.

7)         Member Projects

E0418:                        Melissa – The 2002/2003 year just started.  Melissa had been waiting for Kathy Kroll.  Getting the Housing Certification would cost nothing and would add 35-40 points on grant participation.  We would like to see our Master Plan updated.  Melissa said that the maps, which are the end result of 418, could be used in updating our Master Plan.  Flynn summed up the feelings of many – “we need a clearer feel.”

Sidewalks:      Kruzel – Selectman Mosier was present during this discussion.  The fund has to be put in the subdivision regs and can then be “manipulated.”  They need to be changed to 4’ wide and concrete would be required.  The members again reviewed.  The members again reviewed Judy Hatch’s letter of June 3 and her experiences re:  Town Sidewalks.

Zoning Bylaw Section 4.3 and 4.5:    Dolben – Charlie has done his first draft, however did not have a copy to go over tonight.

Driveways:     Majkut – Bob pointed out that this is a big undertaking involving several areas and he is tackling it by breaking it down into sections.  In the end, it will be a general bylaw, which will be under the perview of the Selectmen.

Stormwater:    Kruzel – There haven’t been any meetings on this issue lately.  Permits are filled out in December thru March for Phase II Stormwater.  Ours is a small area and we may have exemptions.

Next Meeting:  August 14, 2002 – Melissa Will Be Away

 Meeting Adjourned:   8:40 PM

Submitted by:   Judith M. Jackson, Clerk