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Town of Hampden

Regular Meeting of Planning Board
7:00PM at the Hampden Town Hall
July 10, 2002

Approved:  July 24, 2002


Members Present:  , Joseph Dolben, Joseph Kruzel, Melissa Reeves, and Robert Majkut

Members Absent:    John D. Flynn

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 by Vice Chair Dolben.


(1)  Minutes

Dolben called for a motion to approve the minutes of the previous meeting, June 25. This was a special meeting held on Tuesday with the Board of Appeals. The minutes were approved as read.

(2) 7:10 Real Estate Agent Barbara Flebotte

Appointment to review, and get endorsement ANRs for So Monson Rd.

Flebotte explained that her client Rosemond Valentine was doing a land swap switching two parcels with the neighbor at 104 South Monson Road. Mrs. Valentine picked up frontage thereby creating frontage for a new lot, and Mc Laughlin got back land squaring out their lot.

The two ANRs were drawn by Ronald Huot of Anderson Assoc.

Flebotte brought Form A's and a $35 check for each ANR, which the Clerk will receive tonight and leave for the Town Clerk.

The first ANR was paid for by McLaughlin, 104 South Monson Rd. and involved the land swap.

The second ANR was paid for by Rosemond Valentine and showed a newly created lot of 60,054 sq. ft. with 207 ft. on South Monson Road as frontage.

Both were endorsed by the members present, and Flebotte took the mylars with her.

(3) MOUNTAIN ROAD - Upper section in front of Attleton property.

A reply was received from Dana Pixley after his review of the revised Weiner plan. He noted that the plans were "in standard with the approved construction plans that were submitted for the first phase and he urged Planning Board approval   of the construction plans. A copy of this letter was mailed to Gary Weiner. Dolben noted that this-Board has no vehicle to "approve this plan" as it is a Town Road. It is the selectmen and Highway Superintendent's call as to what level of road will be accepted.

The cost is by the owner of the property and the Town is not obliged to maintain it, run a school bus up it or provide access to the Attleton lots.

This Board does see that the mechanics are in place to make it acceptable to the Town. Referring to the Pixley letter of 6/27, the Planning Board concurs that the plan as submitted will provide adequate access and we recommend that the Town assume ongoing maintenance of the road once completed.

(4) LANTERN LANE - Update

Under discussion was a newspaper article in the Daily News on July 4 indicating that Rep. Gale Candaras has filed an amendment to allow the Dept. of Environmental Management to purchase this 73 acres for $300,000. Flynn had reported to the Clerk that he had been called by Atty Martel regarding this issue, but not much is known at this time.

(5) PVPC -

An alternate is needed as Duane Mosier has resigned.    ' Robert Majkut has offered to fill this position. Clerk will notify the Selectmen of this offer, as it is their call to select an alternate.

(6) EO 418 -

Melissa has not met with the Selectmen to complete the Certification Form.


Gary Weiner dropped off plot plans of the Stoll property on Bennett Rd prior to the meeting. She has still not completed her.application. (7/15 call from the Town-House from Ms Stoll that she was leaving her application) Lot 6A.


Under Zoning Bylaw 6.10, a subcommittee of 5 can be chosen by the Planning Board, otherwise, the Planning Board will cover it. Clerk prepared an article for the Reminder, and Dolben reviewed and fine-tuned it for publication in the Reminder. Clerk will submit.


Request from the Town of Duxbury for revisions. The Duxbury Planning Board has asked that this Board sign a petition to amend Mass G.-L. c.40B, ss.20-23, and submitted their suggestions and reasoning for.  The Board discussed it briefly and without further review, decided not to sign the petition as due to our requirement of wells and large sized lots, we are protected.

(9) Russ Morton - Lot next to 12 Genevieve Dr.

The Conservation Commission has been looking into Morton's use of this environmentally sensitive lot to pile and sell firewood. He has built an accessory shed and a quonset hut. The Board sees this use as a "Farm Business" and under Section 6, Use 3.17, it requires a Special Permit. None has been applied for.

(10) MEMBER PROJECT – Create “Sidewalk Betterment Fund”

Kruzel will meet with Selectmen and determine how they want this handled.

(11) MEMBER PROJECT - Revision of 4.3/4.5 "Continuance of Non-Conforming Use”

Dolben will write up.

(12) MEMBER PROJECT - Driveway Regulations

Majkut will undertake.

Dolben asked if there was any other business to be addressed at this meeting. There being none, the July 1.0th meeting was adjourned at 8:50.  

Next meeting is scheduled for July 24, Wednesday at 7 PM


Meeting Adjourned:   8:30 PM

Submitted by:   Judith M. Jackson, Clerk