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Town of Hampden

Special Meeting of Planning Board
7:00PM at the Hampden Town Hall
June 25, 2002

Approved:  July 10, 2002


Members Present:  John D. Flynn, Joseph Dolben, and Joseph Kruzel

Members Absent:    Melissa Reeves, Robert Majkut

Bill:  Clerk for end of Fiscal Year 2002 – 73 hrs @ 13.41 = $978.93

 100 stamps @ $37.00 was submitted for reimbursement to Clerk to be used jointly by Bd. of Appeals and Planning Bd.

1)         Chair Called For Motion-

 Chair called for motion to approve the minutes of the previous meeting held on June 12 in combination with a Public Hearing on a Special Permit.  Moved for the approval by Dolben and seconded by Kruzel, the minutes were approved as written.

2)         Keddy Decision

 Approved and endorsed by the Chair to be filed with the Town Clerk tomorrow, June 26.  A copy will be mailed to Ray Keddy along with the Police report regarding issues which had been received too late for the hearing.  Officer Joy noted no safety issue.  The Historical Commission were reported seen on the site after the Public Hearing.  Mr. Keddy called the Clerk to see if this affects his decision.  He was told “no,” and Clerk explained the transmittal to Town Boards and no reply means no issue.  Clerk also called Connie Witt to learn that the State Commission was late getting back with their report, which stated that this is probably an archeological site.  Witt was told that in the future, let the Board know if they intend to respond late as we actually do not need to approve the Special Permit that same evening.

 3)                  Driveway Regulations- Tabled.

 4)                  Mountain Road-

 A revised road extension from end of traveled way northerly 1156’ to a cul de sac was received from Gary Weiner.  The plan was left for Dana Pixley to review.

 5)                  Ridgeline & Hillside-

Briotta parcel, Bennett Road.  Although Barbara Stole has not as yet filed an application for Ridgeline & Hillside review, she has purchased the parcel and is having Gary Weiner draw up the house plan showing the approach and will have the fire chief inspect it.  Flynn met the Stole’s on site and reviewed the pertinent bylaw with them. 

 6)                  Discussion – Section 4 “Continuance of Existing Uses”-

Flynn has been researching other Town’s Bylaws and has found that everyone is fairly consistent with the use.  As allowed to expand with a Special Permit:  not expansion by review of the Building Commissioner.  There are too many variables in section 4.3 and 4.5 that make it hard to interpret.  The exception needs to be taken out of 4.3 and 4.5 revised allowing the 25’ attached, and the 20’ detached side setback to remain—or this section could be fully eliminated and leave it up to the Bd. of Appeals. 

            Members went to the auditorium to meet with the Board of Appeals during their Administrative Meeting to discuss this.  All agreed that this has long been a problem area, and it is tough forcing the Building Inspector to make this call.  It will be revised by the Planning Board with the support of the Appeals Board for the spring meeting.  Sitting on the Board of Appeals during this discussion was Chair Richard Patullo, Chris Cesan, Richard Jones, Frank Kotomski, and Jed Berliner. 

7)                  7.14 Wireless Communication Facility-

The Bd. of Appeals hearing tonight was to allow AT&T to co-locate on the Somers Rd./Strafford Rd. pole and the Bd. of Appeals suggested that a new section be put in the cover co-location only.  The atty. who presented tonight looked at the zoning that was and requested waivers on sanctions that applied only to original pole site applications.

In returning to the meeting room, Flynn asked if there was any further business to be addressed by the Board.  There being no further business, Flynn called for a motion to adjourn this June 25th special meeting.

Next meeting is scheduled for July 10, Wednesday at 7 PM.  This is a regular meeting night.


Meeting Adjourned:   8:30 PM

Submitted by:   Judith M. Jackson, Clerk