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Town of Hampden

Public Hearing and Regular Meeting of Planning Board
7:00PM at the Hampden Town Hall
June 12, 2002

Approved:  June 25, 2002


Members Present:  John D. Flynn, Joseph Dolben, Melissa Reeves, and Joseph Kruzel

Member Absent:           Robert Majkut

1)         Public Hearing held in the auditorium at 7:00pm for Raymond Keddy who is requesting a Special Permit to allow the building of one house on Wilbraham Road under Zoning Bylaw Section 7.4.2.

Mr. Keddy gave members a copy of a title search prepared by his attorney, Clifford D. Heaton, as it wasn’t clear to the Board that Dorothy Keddy owned the strip of land being used as the access to this large parcel of land.  Mr. Keddy was accompanied by his surveyor from Smith Associates; however, Mr. Keddy chose to do the presentation himself.

Chair read the Planning Board’s Authority to hold the Public Hearing and read the Legal Notice which was published in the REMINDER on May 28th and June 3rd.

Ray Keddy introduced himself as speaking in behalf of his mother, Dorothy Keddy and his son, Ray Keddy, Jr., who were both present.  He indicated that their intent was not to put in a subdivision street, but wanted to tie up the land for use by his son for one house.  He said there were a lot of questions about Lot “D” which Keddy has paid taxes on and the attorney researched it and the results are in the report given to the Board.  There is an increase in the lot size to 9.07 acres and a new plot plan was created by Smith Associates.  The building envelope is shown at 100’ from any boundary line.

The driveways to abutting parcels were pointed out.  The property is level, with a little dip, but there is a good sight line.

No Town Officials were present indicating lack of concern on this property.  The Board of Health did respond.  Duane Mosier noted that they “are not aware of any issues on this proposed project.” 

Al Bolton, Echo Valley Drive asked Keddy what their plans were for behind Echo Valley Drive lots.  He said it would stay as wilderness, the way it is now.  Someone spoke up to say there was a lot of wildlife there now.

Dorothy Keddy spoke to say she has given the property to her grandson.

Mr. Lambert spoke to say he had lived there for 40 years and asked if the o.k. was given to build the house, could the driveway be used for a road.  Flynn pointed out that instead of 1 house, this could have been 9 houses and the location of the house eliminates the area needed for other homes and a street.

Kathy McDonald asked about the right-of-way on Echo Valley.  Keddy explained that these 50’ right-of-ways were from the original subdivision and had to be put in so the back land wasn’t land-locked.

Dolben asked for clarification regarding the section marked “right-of-way.”  Keddy referred him to the end of the title search report that said this was not just a “right-of-way,” but was a strip of land sixty feed wide to be used as a right-of-way and is owned by Dorothy Keddy and is part of the new parcel being created.

The question was asked if this construction will impact the brook.  The answer is no, but before building they will have to go before the Conservation Commission for a Determination.  Keddy said he would need to pave off the roadway according to Town requirements, but he is not sure he will pave further as it is all gravel.

Charlie Dolben made a motion that the Board approve this application for a Special Permit for a nine acre substandard frontage lot conforming to Zoning Bylaw Section 7.2.4.  All present agreed and the vote was 4 to 0 to approve.

Hearing adjourned at 7:45pm


(Continued in Planning Board Meeting Room)

1)      ANR – Plan of Land Owned by Dorothy M. Keddy and Kay-Vee Realty Co., Inc. and Prepared for Raymond Keddy, Jr. on Wilbraham Road.

There was discussion regarding signing the plan as there is a 20 day appeal period after filing the Decision to allow this as a “lot” tonight.  The Board voted 4 to 0 to allow the Chair to endorse the plan after adding the notation, “NOT A BUILDING LOT UNTIL FURTHER ACTION BY THE PLANNING BOARD.”

Form A was accepted along with payment of $35.00 to be given to the Town Clerk tomorrow.  Clerk received and copied Form A for Keddy.

Minutes of May 29th were accepted as read.

2)      8:00 Mountain Road Extension (Upper)

Priscilla Kibbe was present for an update of her plan to complete Mountain Road to give her frontage to lots she plans to sell.  She has not made plans to sell as yet; therefore, no bond will be needed.  Flynn said he went to the Selectmen’s meeting on Monday to bring them up-to-date.  They had no comment, however, asked to be kept in the loop.  John spoke with Gary Weiner and told him that Dana Pixley wants the cul-de-sac flat to keep his plows from sliding off and he wants it paved.  Dana also asked that the section of road to be taken by the Town when completed and the Board agreed.

3)      PURD

Article for Town Meeting to take future projects out of Town meeting approval as this has to be done by a Special Permit granting authority.  It will be put in the USE Section.  Flynn offered to prepare it.  Section 7.132.1.g will be eliminated.

4)      Uniform Procurement ACT 30B

Members discussed the memo from Karen Desmarias on 5/31 regarding the appointed “Procurement Officers.”

5)      Green Meadows School – Expansion

Dolben offered a letter from this Board when he attended a meeting to review the update rendering of the proposed expansion.  Mosier let the Clerk know that the letter was due on June 7th and as Dolben was away, Chair wrote it stating that the Planning Board sees no issues at this time.  This was sent to Chris Doonan at Michael Rosenfeld, Inc. in West Acton.

6)      Zoning Update – Section 4

“Continuance of Existing Uses” The Board will meet with the Zoning Board to review this section and possibly update it to make it easier to interpret.  This will be June 25th (Tuesday) and will be the regular meeting (approximately 8:00pm).

7)      Driveways – Zoning Revision (Tabled)

Board of Appeals Meeting – Tuesday, June 25th @ 7:30pm

            A T & T collocate on Stafford Road pole

*July Meetings – July 10th and 24th (Melissa will not attend on June 25th)

Meeting Adjourned:   9:00 PM

Submitted by:   Judith M. Jackson, Clerk