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Town of Hampden

Special Meeting of Planning Board
7:00PM at the Hampden Town Hall
May 29, 2002

Approved:  June 12, 2002

This meeting was called as due to a conference meeting attended by all, the-regular meeting was cancelled. This meeting was called to accomodate a request from the public.

Bill: Clerk - month of May   80hrs @ $13.41 = $1072.80

7:00 Review minutes of May 8 were approved unanimously without change.

7:05 Keddy Special permit – Wilbraham Rd. between #321 and #335

Clerk put the plot plan before the Board to look over and possibly allow a reference point should a member decide to look at the site. Discussion ensued regarding proof that Keddy was entitled to use the portion next to "D" for his egress, as section "D" is noted as Owner unknown. The Plan is stamped by Paul Smith, a land surveyor and this is generally accepted by the Planning Board that this plan is “as drawn”. Members requested that Clerk ask Mr. Keddy for more proof that this is his land to use. The Public Hearing is set for June 25 in the auditorium at 7:00 PM.

7:15 Klitsas Bed & Breakfast, 378 NORTH ROAD

Klitsas has asked the Building inspector to review his house and accessory barn to determine if he can enlarge his home in the future. He has a bed and breakfast operation, mainly to accomodate students who travel from long distances to attend a two week class he operates in his barn in the summer. He also has a weekly class in the evening on Wednesdays, which is why he did not attend to speak for himself. For now he has not drawn plans for his addition and there was discussion regarding whether or not he would need to apply to the Bd. of Appeals as his home is very close to the road. Mark Feeney has stated that he is able to enlarge to the rear;:as his house was built before zoning and his front setback is established.

Members Present for the preceding were: Joseph A. Dolben, Vice-Chair, Melissa Reeves and Robert Majkut.

Absent was Joseph Kruzel. Coming in at about 7:30 was John D. Flynn, Chair. Mark Feeney, Building Inspector was in and out depending on persons needing his attention during his office hours.

John D. stated at the end of the Klitsas discussion that we should meet at the next Bd. of Appeals meeting to discuss the Section 4 area of the Bylaw.

It was determined that for now Klitsas is operating his Bed and Breakfast under the old Bylaw which allowed “boarders” in Section in the R-6 District. When he enlarges he will need to go for a Special permit as his “Home Occupation” in a separate building has never been reviewed and the parking situation needs to be addressed.

7:30 Priscilla Kibbe - Attleton Estate Parcel- Mountain Road

Attending with Kibbe was John Masek, of ECOTEC. 

Mountain Rd. wasn't officially abandoned by Hampden, however Wilbraham did abandon their section, so this part in front of Kibbe will end the road. As it is, an ANR could not be approved as the access is substandard. There is a marker at the Town line and Masek said this section is 1156' ending 250' fromthe Town line.

(Note that Dolben is an abutter across the street, however when this review started, Flynn was not present, and Dolben was chairing the quorum present. No vote was taken- review only)

Kibbe said there are no lots drawn up at the present time, so no bond will be needed covering road completion.  Clerk will leave a copy of the plan for Dana Pixley, Highway Supt. and request that he call the Chair with comment. Kibbe asked if she could put it out to bid, and was told yes, realizing there may be changes needed.

ANR REVIEW - Carmody Road parcel for Stanley Witkop

Parcel D, 40,018 s.f. on Carmody Rd. with 170' frontage.

Plan was reviewed and endorsed by the Chair. It will be left for pick-up by Witkop.

PURD Discussion

It seems that according to the PVPC, Town    Meeting does not have the authority to approve individual projects such as is now required under Section 7.132g of the PURD regulations. This Special Permit can only be done by the Special Permit Granting Authority, which in our case is the Planning Board. This could be put in the section allowing a Use within the district. This will need to be ready for a fall Town Meeting.


Melissa said that before we can move forward, an agreement has to be signed by the Selectmen with the PVPC. This will allow us to receive grant monies. Kathy Kroll is heading up the Regional Housing Plan for the PVPC. It was moved and seconded that Melissa be authorized to present a proposal to the Selectmen for the $5,000 preplanning for future reimbursement. All were in favor and so voted.

Meeting adjourned at 9PM.

Next Meeting June 12 @7 PM

Submitted by:   Judith M. Jackson, Clerk