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Town of Hampden

Regular Meeting of Planning Board
7:00PM at the Hampden Town Hall
April 24, 2002

Approved:  May 8, 2002

 Members Present:  John D. Flynn, Joseph Mascaro, Joseph Dolben, Melissa Reeves and Joseph Kruzel

 Bill:       Submitted by Clerk for month of April – 70 Hrs. @ 938.70

 The minutes of April 10 were accepted as amended.  On page 2 the 8:30am appointment was with Don Frydryk not “John” as noted.

 (1)   Appointment 7:05 – Denis Supersynski, Planner, PVPC

E.O. 418 “Community Development Plan

 Supersynski handed out copies of the former Public Survey that was completed at the time of the beginning of the committee start to help in preplanning as a representative sampling of what people want out there.  We need to look at “Open Space” and see what we want.  A “mini master plan” could be done with the $5,000 and the remainder of the $30,000 would do the work itself.  He feels we should take advantage of the monies that are out there.  The end product will be a document that is GIS (Geographic Information System) based.  This seems to be the intent of funding to provide a basic foundation of data for all the 351 Mass Municipalities that can be updated in the future.  There are “strings” as there needs to be a sub regional traffic impact scope of work done following a format.  He mentioned “Baystate Data” and said to talk to other communities who have data with it.  The date has been extended to December 30, 2003 and there doesn’t seem to be any threat to the state monies.

 Flynn said the Board would like to investigate the $5,000 route.  We could set a separate committee or use the Planning Board to guide the consultant.

 The next step is to get a RPA Contract (request for proposal) and start doing the preplanning.  The contract is simple.

 Supersynski stated that he would like to do the work for Hampden but felt we should interview others on the web site.  He will E-Mail the transportation groupings already working together to Melissa so that we may pick towns similar to us.

 (2)   Appointment 7:45 – Kathy and Ed Pessolano – 33 Commercial Drive

Re:  Water Overlay protection District 6.11

 The Pessolano’s have been renting space at 33 Commercial Drive to store Used Cars which are wholesaled at auctions and in December 2001, they purchased the real estate and are trying to expand their business: “Hampden Trading Company.”  They are renting out one office at the site to another company.  Last night they were approved by the Board of Appeals for service work for their retail customers, were allowed to park 10 cars unregistered outside and 20 unregistered cars inside and in the fenced area awaiting transport.  This would allow a limit of 30 cars on the site at any time.  The one condition put on the Special Permit was that he go before this Board to gain approval of compliance to Section 6.115. of the Bylaw.

 Clerk copied this section and everyone discussed it.  This is a new Bylaw and this is the first use to come before the Board.  As presented, Mr. Pessolano’s use is within the 6 gallon limit of hazardous waste per month.  He has a waste generator number.  There is no expansion of the building; therefore, this is not seen as a new use.  Charlie moved that the Board endorse the Board of Appeals action in approving the Special Permit as the use has been approved in existence.  Vote was unanimous 4-0.

 Pessolano will speak to the Plumbing Inspector, Michael Ford Re: Section 5.11.8 and if a floor drain is now required in the maintenance area, he will put it in.  Previously this was not desired.

 (3)   Briotta Special Permit – Decision Draft

 The decision was reviewed and endorsed by the Chair to be filed with the Town Clerk tomorrow.  The 20 day appeal period date will be May 15.

 (4)   South Ridge Estates – Recommendation for Town Meeting?

 Chair reported that the street was swept and the materials dumped at the cul-de-sac.  Morton is on vacation and has not completed items required.  Sherman & Woods did send an “as Built” to Antonio daCruz.  Previous communications were included in this copy to us.  The Board voted 5-0 to not recommend approval at this Town Meeting.

 (5)   Dunkin Donuts – Accident on Site 2/8

 Linda Moriarty sent a letter informing the Board that her mother had an accident when leaving the store.  She was hit by a car and fell, hitting her head.  We requested a copy of the police report and it appears the low lying sun was a factor.  Chair will draft a response to Mrs. Moriarty as a courtesy, as action on this matter is outside the scope of this Board.

(6)   CPA Committee

 John reported a good turnout to this meeting.  The cemetery is being looked at for historic resource monies.  The Morton lot didn’t come up again and there is no further status on the “fate” of this property.

(7)   Special Permit – Fee?

 Clerk explained that the Bylaw requires timely preparation and postage expenses in preparing a Special Permit application.  A fee of $50 is suggested as not completely covering the cost.  The applicant pays the advertising cost, which is averaging $80.  It was agree that a fee is needed.

 (8)   Next Meeting – May 8 – Avdoulos Special Permit, 169 Scantic Road

 May 15th Meeting at Fed. Area meeting – Delaney House.  We will pay $10 each and put $15 from the Expense Account.  Clerk will make reservations.

Meeting Adjourned:      9:20

  Respectfully Submitted,
 Judith M. Jackson, Clerk