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Town of Hampden

Regular Meeting of Planning Board
7:00PM at the Hampden Town Hall
April 10, 2002

Approved:  April 24, 2002

Members Present:        John D. Flynn, Chair – Joseph A. Dolben, Melissa Reeves, & Joseph Mascaro
Members Absent:        Joe Kruzel

7:05:     Public Hearing – Warrant Articles

This was held in the auditorium.  The Legal Notice was read with John D. Flynn chairing.  He introduced the members and read the Planning Board’s Authority.  Chair read and commented on Articles from the revised warrant as #13-20.  There were no questions or comments and the Chair adjourned the Public Hearing.

7:15:     Public Hearing – Kathleen and Robert Briotta, 346 Bennett Road.  Request For A Special Permit to Allow the Creation of Two Substandard Frontage Lots Southerly and Easterly of #346 Bennett Road.

After the reading of the notice, Gary Weiner of ECOTEC spoke for his clients Mr. & Mrs. Briotta.  The Plan of land was put up on a stand for reference with Weiner explaining that #346 shown was the Briotta’s residence.  He explained that there was a conforming lot between these two substandard frontage lots that had already been endorsed by the Planning board.  They will be sold as single family homes.  There is a perennial stream that runs east and west to the rear of the lots, which makes it impossible to develop the piece as a subdivision road.  This piece had been formerly approxed for subdivision development.  It will be perked tomorrow.

Peter Cmero, 310 Bennett Road asked if this could be made into more lots (No)

Peter Hatch (Fire Chief) asked if the driveway was large enough to get fire trucks in.  There is a curve in the plan that if not designed correctly could be a problem to large vehicles.  He pointed out that a 35’ truck needs to be able to get in there.  (It was explained that the Town only has authority for the first 30’, but this lot will come under “Ridgeline & Hillside” review and they will assert themselves to whoever purchases the lot and plans to build, to be certain a safe driveway is included.  The lot is over 600’ elevation.)

Neil Schmerhorn, 41 Bennett Road, Monson spoke to say he thought this was a good use of the parcel, but he wanted to point out that part of one parcel was in Monson.  (Chair pointed out that due to the 100’ setback required from any boundary line, the house would not be in the Monson section of the parcel.  It is the bedroom that determines where the residence is).

Meeting adjourned and the Board went down to the Meeting room to hold regular meeting.

7:40     Regular Meeting Begun.

(3)  Minutes of March 13 were accepted as read.

Bills:  Clerk put in a bill for Longevity Pay – 29 Yrs. At $400.00 – Chair Endorsed.

(4)    Michael Avdoulas – Builder, 169 Scantic Road

Avdoulas arrived prior to the Public Hearing and did not have an appointment but the Board offered to working him in if he stayed through the Public Hearing.  He has been to Smith Assoc. and working with Mike Mocko, a substandard frontage lot was created out of his lot but at the same time he is creating a new lot on which his home is already established and is to be also a substandard frontage lot.  It does appear that his house sits 100’ from the lot line.  He was given a Special Permit form and told to have a building envelope and a Zoning Compliance table put on his plan.  He was told not to file his ANR with the Town Clerk as yet as until the Public Hearing he wouldn’t be conforming.  The Board did not keep a copy of his plan.

(5)    Appointment 8:15 – Raymond Keddy and son, Ray Jr.-Wilbraham Road

Keddy brought in an unstamped plan of land drawn by Smith Assoc. showing an entrance into a large area of Keddy land behind Wilbraham Road / Echo Valley (Map 22, Blk 120) next to Todd Lambert (Map 22, BLK 15).  Keddy claims the Town Map shows the entrance lane incorrectly and Lambert is also encroaching on Keddy land.  He will continue researching as he hopes to create a substandard frontage lot for young Keddy to make a home on.  He was given a Special Permit application, should he be able to pursue this lot.

(6)    Appointment 8:30 – Don Frydryk, Sherman & Woods.

With Conceptual subdivision showing 11 lots off Mountain Road for builder John Morrison and Mr. Lonegan.  This plan was drawn for discussion purposes only.  Morrison said he would also build the homes, which would be in the $400,000 range.  The plan shows two cul-de-sacs.  The Board discussed the possibility of eliminating the smaller stub by the use of Substandard frontage lots.  Lots 7, 8 and 9 front this.  The maximum street length of 1500 was discussed as this would be figured from North Road.  The developers do have an agreement with owner Russ Morton and plan to go ahead to Preliminary stage.  The rear land over the stream would be donated to the Town should they want to take it.  A copy of the conceptual subdivision was kept.

(7)    South Ridge Estates Subdivision

Due to fact that we were having a hearing tonight on Article 20, the acceptance of South Ridge Road and its easements, and we had heard nothing from Tony daCruz after his reported March 19 site inspection,  Flynn called to Tighe & Bond and requested a report.  The 2 page was not received in time for the Board to go over it, but the Chair went into the hearing knowing that the report cited the work needing completing as being the same as in previous inspections and that daCruz had contacted Russ Morton and had “lengthy discussions” regarding the work needing completion.  It appears that little effort has been put into completing this subdivision for spring acceptance.  Dana Pixley has been instructed by the Selectmen to state non-acceptance unless all is completed; not just promised.  Dana attended the Public Hearing, but didn’t speak.  Morton attended the Public Hearing and did not raise his hand to speak.  He was invided to remain and talk with the Board after the hearing, but did not stay.

Don Fryderyk, the Project Engineer for this subdivision when asked about setting the monuments said he could do it in a day if he were given the locations.

After discussion the Board decided to aim for the meeting on April 24th to decide the Town Meeting recommendation and see what has been accomplished.  Town Meeting gives the “right to accept the road, but it doesn’t have to be done right after the Town Meeting.”

 (8)    Special Permit – Briotta Decision – Substandard Frontage Lots

Gary Weiner, present during discussion 4A, 6A.  In consideration of Fire Chief Hatch’s comments at the Public Hearing, the Board discussed ways to ensure that the person who purchases the lot realizes what is needed.  Dolben commented that we can usually only control the first 30’ but this case is special as we control the Special Permit.  We are allowed to place conditions on the Decision.  Flynn felt this also could be a function of the Ridgeline & Hillside review process.  They have nothing to do with driveways, but can assert themselves re: visability and trees to be taken down.

 A motion was made to approve the Special Permit and it was approved unanimously, (4-0) to include the following two conditions:

 Condition #1 – The building permit applicant will review the location of the driveway with the Superintendent of Highways and eastbound motorists of its existence.

 Condition #2 – The driveway as sited on each lot will be subject to the review and approval by the Building Inspector as to the safety of the arrival of emergency vehicles, should the need arise.

  (9)    Gary Weiner – Re:  Dunkin Donuts

The bike rack is ordered and the landscaper will clean up around the signs.  The owner has been told to replace the snapped off light.

 (10)Gary Weiner – Steepleview Drive

Gary has had no results in getting Bill Bond to do the remaining basin work.  Flynn will call Michael Cimmino as there is still a $5,000.00 bond covering this.  This may need to be followed up by a letter.

 (11)CPA – Update

Flynn reported that Sherry Himmelstein made a report to the group from the Land Trust making a presentation to purchase the Russ Morton parcel for addition to Memorial Park.  Dorothy Kibbe is the Chairperson.  Clerk reported that she attended the Dept. Heads meeting this a.m. and explained her position as a lay person keeping an interested perspective on government.  All welcomed her as taking this on as it is about impossible to get the general public to take on Town functions anymore.

 Connie Witt also has asked for 10% funding to go to the Historical Commission for aid in updating the cemeteries.

 (12)E.O. 418 – Update

Reeves tried to get Denis Supersynski to attend tonight’s meeting to clarify our lack of certification acceptance.  She will try to get someone from PVPC to attend the next meeting with a time agreed to as 7:05.  Duane Mosier gave us copies of 2 faxes from Toni Coyne to Kathy Kroll and another from Kathy Kroll to the Selectmen’s office regarding our certification.  Clerk mailed these to members prior to tonight’s meeting for review.  Flynn said he would like to see monies put toward updating our master Plan.

 (13)Lantern Lane Estates Subdivision – Extension of Approval

A request dated 3/27 was received from Mark Mason representing Namyl, LLC to request a nine month extension of verbal approval with conditions.  Due to the extenuating circumstances requiring this delay, a motion was made to approve the nine-month extension and the Board voted 4-0 unanimously to approve.  The new extension date is Monday, February 10, 2003.  Clerk will send a letter so stating.

 (14)Dept. Head Meeting  -  April 10, 9-11am

Clerk attended to represent the Board and commented on items discussed and as soon as the minutes are prepared, they will be mailed to members.

 (15)Town Election

Member Joseph Mascaro is running for Selectmen leaving a slot open on the Planning Board.  To date no new candidate has come in to show interest in being on the Planning Board.

 (16)Ridgeline & Hillside Application – Lot 104  Thresher Road

Mark Chamberlain has submitted materials to the R & H Committee and Flynn reported that he had gone out to the site and it wasn’t marked.  It goes off very steep but Flynn couldn’t determine the lot.  Mark Feeney, Building Commissioner, also wanted to know the location.  Mike Pietras is his engineer.

 Meeting Adjourned:      9:30

Next Meeting:               April 24, 2002              7:00pm

 Respectfully Submitted,
 Judith M. Jackson, Clerk