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Town of Hampden

Regular Meeting of Planning Board
7:00PM at the Hampden Town Hall
March 13, 2002

Approved:  April 10, 2002

Members Present:        John D. Flynn, Chair – Joseph A. Dolben, Melissa Reeves (left at 8PM) & Joseph Kruzel
Members Absent:        Joe Mascaro

The minutes of February 27, 2002 were accepted as read.

Bills:      Chair did not attend CPTC Training at Holy Cross due to a problem at work so he called to get a refund.  There was no charge to the Town.  Remaining in account - $279.80 (Expense).


1)    Appointment Dan O’Brien, Land Surveyor, Smith Assoc. O’Brien submitted a plan of land for ANR approval on Scantic Road near intersection of Rock-a-Dundee for MMB Realty Trust, 22 Bradway Road, Monson, MA  01057;  Owner Kenneth Albano, trustee, formerly Lot B owned by Dana Gahres.

Lot C 12.86 ac. – Substandard Frontage Lot

Lot D   2.86 ac. – Dated March 5, 2002

Plan was approved by Board vote and endorsed by the chair.

2)   Gary Weiner, ECOTEC:           ANR – Briotta Plan of Land - Map 25, Parcel 32, 23.47 acres. R-6 showing property located on the north-east side of Bennett Road, southerly of number 346.  Site for three single family homes is wooded, vacant land.

Lot 5A – 61,248 s.f., 255.34’ frontage was endorsed and is a building lot.  The other two lots are noted “not an approved lot until further action of the Planning Board.”

Application was made for the required Special Permits and a Public hearing will be set for April 10.  (Note – this is the site of the Laurel Hills subdivision for which planning and review had been completed in 1991 and the petitioner did not bring in the mylar for signing.  This had been designed for twelve lot.)

Plan For Hampden House Restaurant, 1 Allen Street, Proposed Outdoor Dining Area

Weiner reviewed the plan which will include a brick patio, 6 tables for outdoor dining, a fence and plantings.  The blacktop from the former bank will be removed and grassed in.  Under 7.2.1 these types of things are not permanent structures and are allowed within the setback.  A Public Hearing will not be needed.  Weiner will bring in a review of the parking, traffic and lighting issues.  The parking lot handles the volume and this is a seasonal use.  Patronage decreases in the summer.  Charlie moved that no action was necessary on putting the bricks down inside the buffer area.  This was seconded and unanimously agreed with.

3)   E. O. 418:        Melissa had to leave early, so this was tabled until the next meeting.  She will try to get Denis Supercynski to come and review it with us.  Clerk handed out a review presentation given to the PVPC in December by Kurt Gaetner of the EOEA for the members to review.  It explains the procedure quite accurately.

4)   Community Preservation Act:      Flynn polled members during the week for their suggestions of worthy projects to take to the last meeting.  Sherry Himmelstein of the Land Trust presented a two-page project plan for Memorial Park Extension purchasing the Mountain Road parcel owned by Russ Morton.  The appraised value is $320,000 and although given a higher offer.  Russ will accept the appraised amount.  Flynn said the seniors would like to have sidewalks.  The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, March 21st to go over Sherry’s plan.

5)  South Ridge Estates - Update:        Morton owes $628.94 to Tighe & Bond since 2/01 and there hasn’t been any comment from Tighe & Bond as to doing a review to determine if it is ready for acceptance.  At Town Meeting, Clerk spoke to Dana Pixley and Morton hasn’t contacted him about the trees.

Table -     Zoning letter 2/98 from PVPC re: 7.132 g
        -         Urban Sprawl
        -         E.O. 418           

 Meeting Adjourned:     9:00pm

 Meeting on March 27, 2002 is cancelled

 Next Meeting:    April 10, 2002
                                Public Hearing 7pm Warrant Articles
                                Public Hearing Briotta Special Permit 7:15
                                Meeting to continue afterwards

 Respectfully Submitted,
 Judith M. Jackson, Clerk